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Easily share customer interaction data across systems, tools and processes

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It's your data, use it as you please

Data is vital, but messy data is a problem. Each time you add a new tool or system to meet business needs, your data multiplies. While these systems are necessary to solve your needs, they also introduce complexity.

Every system tracks and measures in its own way. This often leads to a “system of record” problem where data doesn’t agree across tools. Bridge the gaps with flexible tools that improve business decisions both inside and outside your call centre platform.

Unify data from outside sources with the data in your call centre system. Organise data with custom dashboards and reports. And get data back out when it’s needed to with no-strings exporting.

Turn data into valuable business insight

Predictive analytics

Consistent reporting across the board

Bring real-time and historical data together across systems. Organise and search by customer or interaction. Eliminate confusion with personalised and consistent call centre reporting.

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Data management that plays well with others

Create a single, unified picture of your business and customers with reporting that spans across all of your customer service and call centre software.

Contact center reporting

Dashboards to make data actionable

See what your data is trying to tell you. Contact centre data tends to exist as spreadsheets of numbers. Custom dashboards turn a matrix of numbers into actionable insights that match your unique needs.

Make your data work for you

Our digital lifestyles create massive collections of data points. As the communication hub for your customers and your brand, the contact centre is at the heart of it all. You're sitting on a gold mine of customer data — past interactions, purchases, preferences and more.
Making sense of that data begins with access. When it comes to your data, we believe you should be able to use it however you like. Basically, put your data to work to power even better customer experiences.


The AppFoundry

AppFoundry is the place to find powerful pre-built solutions built on Genesys open platform technologies. Discover a broad range of customer service applications, business intelligence tools, integrations and services that address your unique needs.

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Customisable reporting

Choose from a rich set of customisable online reports that can be published as links or delivered via email. Genesys provides a set of standard options and also lets you create custom reports to meet your specific business needs.


The most usable data

Proprietary data models only cause problems. Your data should be available to you wherever you need it. Genesys is the only company working with both the Open Data Initiative (ODI) and Cloud Information Model (CIM) to drive interoperability across tools.

"Having one point of truth for average handle time, contact volumes and SLA has been a major benefit to PayPal operations. The ease with which Genesys allows us to extract data into our data warehouse—merging contacts, NPS scoring and customer activity metadata—was equally critical to us. PayPal is a data-driven company that requires accurate and timely management. Genesys supports that need well."

Dar Andrews

Senior Director of Service Delivery and Engineering


Your data when and where you need it

Open access to data

Don’t fight to access your data. Integrated systems allow for simple data importing and exporting. Use historical reporting to drive agent performance — even if the data was gathered from an old system or workforce optimisation tool.

No data silos

Mix and match your data as you need. Integrate your call centre with CRM systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics and more. Plus, you can use standard database tools to connect to MSSQL, Oracle and generic SQL with full bi-directional syncing control.

API access to all the data

Secure API integrations and SDKs give your IT teams or outside partners the power to build almost anything. Pull data from other systems into views for agents or managers. Get API data control with dedicated access accounts using standard admin controls to set up different capabilities for different systems. Use open documentation and developer assistance to get everyone running quickly.

Custom views and dashboards

What you can’t see can hurt you. With custom dashboards, you can track service levels, call times and overall customer satisfaction levels. Bring data together to get a clear view of your users.

Notifications get attention

Events happen across systems and channels. You should be able to see them all reliably in every system. Webhook integrations make it simple to send automated notifications to chat rooms from third-party systems. Webhooks also send notifications into outside systems to trigger actions.

Bring the data together

Data is unique. Each tool and system that you use has variations. You need data-syncing tools with rules and data normalisation you control. And it all needs to be powered by a modern cloud data system that continually finds and updates relationships as new data rolls in.


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Open data is key to your business success and customer satisfaction

Data shouldn’t reside in a vacuum. A call centre built to work across data sources makes business simpler. Schedule a demo to see how to put your real-time and historical data to work.

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