Strengthen relationships with social media customer service

Personalise customer service across messaging apps and social media platforms

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Make good customer service great with social media

Give customers fast, first-class service

Customers want fast responses — especially when there’s a problem. With the right social media tools integrated into your contact centre software, support teams solve problems faster.

Be where your customers are

Every customer is unique — and so are their favorite social media channels. Getting in front of your customers on the channels they enjoy the most makes your brand feel approachable and accessible.

Automate tasks and cut costs

Some customer interactions are more routine than others. Enable your social customer service teams to deliver consistent experiences with simplified workflows that save costs – and speed responses.

Improve engagement with social media channels

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Full view of customer journeys

Understand customer interactions with your brand across all channels. With social media that leverages powerful technology, you can identify and associate different channel interactions to the appropriate customer.

Sentiment analysis

Enhance your emotional intelligence. Genesys software helps prioritize hot interactions with sentiment and actionability analysis. Automatically escalate the most urgent issues within your customer service team.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more

Streamline social interactions and support across Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and LINE with Genesys solutions. Unlock Apple Messages for Business and other popular channels using AppFoundry® Marketplace partners.

Optimised agent routing

Manage agent routing using many methods, including skill-based, keyword-based, language-based, preferred agent and bullseye routing. You can also route via artificial intelligence (AI)-led processes that use Genesys Predictive Routing.

Easy channel escalation

Keep the conversation going when you need to transition a conversation away from social channels. Easily escalate to a site-based chat, SMS text, email or phone call, maintaining one conversation for all.

Integrated reporting

Make social part of the big picture of reporting. Too often, social media is siloed from other contact centre channels. We make it part of your real-time and historical reporting so you can track your efforts.

Optimised agent workspace

Streamline agent experiences as you funnel queues from asynchronous chat, email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, SMS and WhatsApp into the same workspace where agents can manage all interactions with a streamlined queue process.

Open messaging APIs

Extend Genesys platform capabilities to more channels, including custom-built messaging apps and review sites, using open messaging APIs. You’ll unify agents, analytics and data in one system.

Uninterrupted conversations

Maintain single-threaded conversations within your social channels and across direct messages. Our solution will match last or previous agents to keep the same conversation flow.

Rich messaging experience

Use images or other file types like PDFs for better context, quick replies, cards and carousels. Rich media elements can also refine conversations, drive resolution and create smoother experiences.


Use generative AI to automate transcript creation over direct messaging and other channels. Make transcripts available to agents so they have a quick pulse on prior customer interactions.

Call deflection

Eliminate customer friction and increase levels of satisfaction by deflecting service calls through your IVR to digital channels. Boost efficiency across your agents and reduce operational costs.

Deliver outstanding social customer care

Customers expect brands to meet them on popular channels and manage their experiences across channels. And digital channels, like social media, are growing the fastest. The right contact centre software integrates social media with the other channels your team uses for customer support every day. This makes social media a powerful hub for conversations with prospects and customers.

Providing excellent customer service on these highly visible channels can boost your brand reputation. And when you connect with customers on their favorite social media platforms in a way that’s convenient and relevant, you can create revenue, deepen loyalty and more.

Bring your customer service skills to where your customers are

Instead of cobbling together solutions that are cumbersome to use and expensive to manage, easily showcase your customer service skills on the channels your customers love most.

Expand your channel support while gaining operational efficiencies by consolidating customer care for your agents. With contact centre software by Genesys, it’s fast and easy to get up and running with direct messages on social channels using a streamlined process for integration that companies can implement themselves.

Integrate direct message interactions

To deliver seamless experiences across channels, you need to capture all customer interactions in one place, including messages that occur on social media channels.

With Genesys, you can bring your social conversations into the same system and interface you use to handle calls, email and chats. This unified approach helps you understand customer conversations better and respond faster. Your team has all the context needed to provide great customer service, including auto-summarisation that speeds up understanding of past interactions.

Improve response time

Speed is essential to providing great customer service on social media. Responding as quickly as possible makes your customers feel heard — and solving their problems quickly makes them feel valued.

Genesys offers several key features to improve the overall experience for agents and customers. This includes an optional auto answer — automatically assigning interactions to agents so they can handle them, as their workload permits. Agents can also access AI-generated responses fed to them based on the conversation. These can be used as-is or simply as a reference source.

Streamline social routing

Getting the right interactions to the right agent is key. When you’re managing direct messages, seamless social routing helps provide better customer experiences.

Agent skill, customer language, business rules, priority and availability are considered for all routing decisions. Once routed, you can ensure every social response is consistent, grammatically correct and follows your brand voice. Supervisors or managers are notified when responses surpass designated thresholds and they need to approve the response prior to posting.

Capture social media performance insights

An integrated and unified approach to your social media call centre support efforts gives visibility into all your customer interactions. Use these insights to identify trends and issues, such as frequently asked questions or points of friction when making a purchase, along with opportunities to optimise customer relations.

With centralised reporting, you can see the historical and real-time performance of social media interactions — and every other communication channel. Use this data to focus on delivering a great customer experience.

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