Genesys predictive engagement increases sales conversions using AI and machine learning

Reach out to web visitors at the right time and with the best agent or bot to guide the buyer journey

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Capture, qualify, engage and convert leads—fast

Timing is everything. Show web visitors what they want, when they want it. Predictive engagement transforms website sales conversions with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Separate buyers from visitors, zero-in on common sticking points and serve up information when it’s needed most.

Once you know your users, assign the best available resource (bot or human) to engage with them in real time. Unique experiences keep visitors interested, which means they won’t leave your site for a competitor’s.

AI-driven predictive engagement uses all available real-time and historical data to get a clear picture of your users. This data lets you determine whether a user is a potential buyer by analysing and understanding their intent. Having that context around the buying journeys lets you personalise messaging.

Traditional proactive chat solutions offer a chat window at the start of every site visit — without knowing the visitor’s intent or context of their buying journey. Predictive engagement lets you chat with a customer to offer support at the best moment.

By automating chat, you can better allocate resources. A bot or customer service representative can answer customer questions. This keeps sales agents free to step in at the best time — when you know a user’s intent and have them prequalified.

Leverage AI-powered technology to maximise your conversion rates


Improve online sales conversions with intelligent automation

AI-driven website personalisation makes users feel valued—and it won’t overwork your sales reps. Plus, serving users when they need it most can drive up conversion rates.

Customer care

Power personalised content by blending AI with the human touch

Improve user experiences with automation. Pass interactions to a live agent at the most appropriate time to keep users from getting frustrated and personalise the experience.

Interaction process automation

Fine-tune best practices with machine learning

Use data to build a decisioning model that improves over time. Adjust as you learn new things and adapt to meet customers’ changing wants and behaviours.

Yesterday is old news. Only Genesys predicts what you should do now

Genesys predictive engagement uses AI and machine learning to drive personalised experiences. It uses real-time and historical data to make informed decisions about how and when to engage website prospects. This experience-based personalisation lets you improve sales conversions without burning out your valuable sales teams.

Customer journey

Guide prospects through the journey

Predictive analytics tools from Genesys add a small code, or “snippet”, to your sales-enabled websites. This lets your site follow each individual visitor’s contextual journey in real time. That way, you can offer help at the right time. Reach out when they need to find relevant information or support to complete the buying journey.

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Identify the best moment to engage

Proactive chat offers that lack context aren’t helpful. Predictive engagement lets you separate visitors from buyers and tailor experiences. Provide content based on what you know about the user’s current needs. Engage prospects at the right moment to have the biggest effect. Drive customer experience and sales conversion with effective web personalisation.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Pick the best-available resource

Your ratio of prospects to sales staff likely doesn’t allow for 1:1 interactions every time. But you can still make each interaction feel personal.

Use the rich context you gain through predictive engagement to meet and exceed user needs. And use bots to make a standard Q&A conversational. Turn to live agents when you need to provide the human touch.

Find the perfect balance with Genesys. Minimise your effort and maximise positive customer experiences.


Engage prospects in the most effective way

People want to engage with businesses in the way they most prefer. Some prospects prefer real-time chat conversations, others want tailored content they can view on their own time rather than direct contact from a sales rep. These preferences aren’t static — they change with new technologies or circumstances.

Adapt with your users with Genesys tools. Know and understand how users want to engage with you to lay the groundwork for better conversions with less effort.

"The virtual customer experience has to equal the one they get at the branch. That means providing fast access to experts and consistent, personalised service across all touchpoints—web, mobile and social media."

Enrico Ugoletti

Head of Direct Channel Business Services

UBI Banca

Drive customer engagement with tools that make every interaction feel personal

Know more with web monitoring and reporting

Follow users in real time as they navigate your website. Recognise prospective buyers and use origination data to learn where they’re from. Spot patterns and use what you know to improve future interactions.

Keep improving with adaptive tools and technology

Track and understand prospect behaviour so you can predict what users want. Find the moment that prospects struggle and offer real-time support at the right time. Continue to refine your strategy as you learn more about how users navigate your website.

Leverage systems that work together

Use predictive analytics with your content management system to create a robust knowledge base. Once you identify common issues, drive users to a simple landing page with the solution. Know the best journey path for conversions. And use the content that supports and optimises your website and processes.

Use the right engagement method

Bots are great, but they’re not the only solution. Determine what users need and use a combination of bots and humans to convert sales. And make sure you support various channels of communication. Whether users want to call, chat or use social media, your business needs to meet them.


Genesys Web Engagement

Genesys Web Engagement

Drive more sales through your website

Drive more sales through your website

Increase website conversions with AI and machine learning

How AI can improve contact centre and agent performance

Make your website work for you and your users

Learn how predictive engagement makes your website drive better customer experiences and higher sales conversions. Request a demo to see how website personalisation changes the game.

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