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Genesys Web Callback

Talk to customers at their convenience with Genesys Web Callback

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  • Reduced customer effort
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved brand image
  • Reduced contact resolution time
  • Increased lifetime value of customers
  • Maximum agent productivity

Key Features

  • Customer can request an immediate return call from customer service agents or schedule a call at a convenient time of their choosing
  • Customers can cancel or reschedule calls, review the status of requests, reroute or escalate calls that are late, or request e-mail or text message notification if a callback is unsuccessful.
  • The built-in rules engine triggers when the callback button appears
  • The unified desktop gives agent complete customer contact histories, plus the ability to preview, reschedule, or cancel callback requests

No matter how good your self-service is, there are times when online customers feel it best to speak with a representative. But after a frustrating web experience, the last thing you want is to make them wait in queue for assistance. With just a single click, Genesys Web Callback enables your online customers to bypass the queues, request an immediate return call, or schedule a callback from your representatives at a convenient time of their choosing.

Long call queues lead to high customer effort and lost customers

Few situations do more to undermine the customer experience than making a customer wait on hold to speak with a customer service agent. This is especially true of online customers, who are usually calling customer service because they couldn’t find all the information they needed online. Often they are frustrated already—the longer the hold time, the greater their frustration.

What is worse, customers who wait in queue often find themselves talking with agents who don’t have the answers to their problems, and may not even know how to find those answers. With Genesys Web Callback, part of the Genesys Customer Experience Platform, requests are intelligently routed to the most appropriate agent, leading to a considerable reduction of customer effort and an enhanced brand Image.

Deliver greater sales and satisfying service with Genesys Web Callback

Studies indicate that people are more likely to make a high-value online purchase after talking to a representative, as the phone remains a critical part of an effective online customer sales/service mix. By empowering your customers to control the timing of a phone call and avoid waiting in queue using Genesys Web Callback and you’ll see your customer satisfaction ratings soar and your sales activities become much more effective.

Giving agents flexibility and customers control to expedite resolution

Genesys Web Callback gives customer service agents all the tools they need to manage and make the most of calls with customers. The unified desktop gives agents complete customer contact histories, plus the ability to preview, reschedule, or cancel callback requests before they initiate a call to preserve minimum resolution time.

Take the queue out of the equation with Genesys Web Callback

Few will argue that, despite the growth in digital channels, the phone remains a critical channel for any successful customer service operation. Likewise, no one will dispute the frustration that results from waiting in a queue for a call with a customer service agent. Genesys Web Callback helps companies bridge that divide, ensuring that the phone is utilized to its maximum potential by giving customers control over how and when calls will take place.

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"We knew that Genesys was already one step ahead of other vendors for digital engagement – SMS, email and chat. It became clear the learning curve for my team would take longer with other vendors than it would with Genesys. We are very satisfied with all the Genesys solutions we’re using."

Martin Marois

Senior Manager, IT for Contact Center Technologies



Skill-based, context-sensitive routing

Using business-specific routing logic, Web Callback interactions are routed to the right agent, in the right priority, leading to faster resolutions and reduced customer effort.

Real-time and proactive web callback

Extends Web Callback invitations based on business-specific rules. These may include any combination of agent availability, customer behavior or customer profile/segment. This helps businesses engage at the right time, reduce customer effort and improving their online experience.

Integration to other channels

Supports business operations with centralized routing and reporting, a common customer record, and the ability to maintain conversations across channels so that customers gain a seamless experience, and businesses increase operational efficiency and sales.

Unified desktop (Genesys Workspace)

Agents get the information they need to personalize the interaction. This includes the customer record with multichannel contact history, and a standard response library. This leads to a much higher agent performance.

Customer feedback for Web Callback

Surveys to the customer following Web Callback sessions give customers the opportunity to provide specific feedback and help businesses optimize their sales and service strategies.

High availability

Genesys Web Callback offers high availability capabilities with seamless failover in case a problem arise, offering secure business continuity for for your mission critical operations.

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