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Genesys Info Mart and Genesys Interactive Insights

End-to-end visibility into your contact center performance

Genesys Info Mart and Genesys Interactive Insights


  • Unified voice, email, chat and other service-delivery data available via a single interface
  • One centralized repository to manage
  • Detailed understanding of historical performance to help improve business
  • Business users can drill down and analyze data with less dependence on IT and take quicker actions
  • Integration with intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD) and Workforce Management data

Key Features

  • Out-of-the-box report templates
  • Ability to proactively identify events and manage performance of business metrics with detailed drill down, scenarios and enable root cause analysis
  • Ad-hoc analysis of interaction details
  • Interactive Insights metadata layer (universe) for Info Mart, automatic scheduling of reports, and data security
  • Provides for custom metrics and unlimited user-defined attached data fields
  • ETL, star-schema database, high availability, and summary and aggregated tables
  • Performance tested—to millions of calls per day (Genesys internal testing)

Web-based ad-hoc reporting and analytics solution

Improve contact center performance and make fact-based decisions with relevant information and business perspective across all channels, when and wherever you need it, to act quickly and confidently. Genesys Interactive Insights provides intuitive, self-service access to business information and enables informed and rapid decisions based on reliable business data.

Interactive Insights enables contact center operations to gain rich business insights with the ability to look at historical trends and perform root cause analysis. It helps provide unified multi-channel communications and visibility into other service-delivery data via a single interface. Interactive Insights provides drill down and root cause analysis capabilities and the business intelligence you need across every customer channel with less dependence on IT.

Customized metadata layer (universe) to fit Genesys Info Mart

Info Mart is the data repository for Genesys omnichannel interaction data. Interactive Insights analyzes all interaction business data and integrates with Info Mart.

To save time and resources, and make querying easier, Genesys built a metadata layer (universe) to describe Info Mart. Info Mart organizes large volumes of detailed cross-channel data from the Genesys Customer Experience platform.

Info Mart includes Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL), star-schema database, high availability, and summary and aggregated tables. It’s performance tested–to millions of calls per day (Genesys internal testing).

The interaction history is enriched at a detailed level with routing data. This sophisticated capability helps customers in the short term to avoid building their own ETL, summary, and aggregation layers; gather business requirements to create reports and customize metrics; and troubleshoot for speed, reliability, redundancy, and accuracy. It also helps customers to remain agile as business requirements evolve, requiring updates and upgrades to their in-house solution and look for maintenance support.

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"Info Mart has helped us to increase revenues by 10% by ensuring data integrity—a target often missed as we were unable to identify all customer interactions."

Guillermo Rivera

Development and Technology Manager


Technical specifications

Requires Info Mart

  • Oracle 11g and 12c
  • Oracle 11g RAC
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012

Technical specifications for Info Mart

  • Pre-requisite—Java SE Runtime Environment

Requires Business Objects

  • SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.1 in Release 8.1.0/8.1.1
  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform 4.1 in Release 8.1.3 and later

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