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Automated Callback for the PureConnect platform

Reduce handle time and ensure compliance with automation

Automated Callback for the PureConnect platform

Automated Callback for the Genesys® PureConnect™ platform automates the process of placing an outbound call once an agent receives a callback object and ensures that it has been disconnected after the call ends. This is a much simpler solution to maintain than a pre-dial customization because it doesn’t change the base functionality of the product or require a dialer, custom handlers or middleware servers.

Lower handle times

When adding callbacks to an existing queue, handle times will increase from additional agent tasks. One area of concern is the ability for agents to wait before placing the call or disconnecting the callback. Automating an agent’s tasks prevents an unnecessary increase in handle times—keeping personal costs to a minimum.

Callback reporting compliance

ACD reporting for callback objects focuses on the callback; it does not provide the ability to report on the length of the call. Ensuring that calls are placed automatically and callbacks are disconnected automatically ensures that reporting aligns with outbound calls that agents place.

Caller experience

The caller experience is the same as it is with the default IVR or web callback functionality. Configure the IVR to provide a callback based on different criteria. Callers can accept their current phone number or enter a different one. Once the call is placed and the caller answers, a live agent is available to speak with them. This provides the best customer experience.

Agent experience

The agent receives a callback object as they would with the default callback functionality. Once the object is answered, an outbound call automatically dials out on the agent’s queue and the agent hears ringing. Once the call is disconnected—either by the agent or the caller—the agent has a certain number of seconds to complete the callback object before it is disconnected automatically.

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  • Lower average handle time
  • Reporting compliance

Key Features

  • Automatically places outbound calls in support of callback objects
  • Automatically disconnects callback objects
  • Supports retries and calls a different ANI
  • Optional automatic status change for events such as follow up, returning to available or experiencing an outbound call with no associated callback

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