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User Import Service for the Genesys PureConnect platform

Simplify user management through integration

User Import Service for the Genesys PureConnect platform


  • Significantly reduces administration overhead for initial user on-boarding
  • Simplifies the process of maintaining users

Key Features

  • Automated creation, modification and deletion of PureConnect users from a CSV document
  • Supporting user information, such as agent name, email address and location are included

The User Import Service is an automated utility that adds, removes or updates Genesys® PureConnect™ users and user configurations. The tool detects a CSV configuration file containing user data and details on the actions the service should perform, such as adding, removing or modifying a user configuration.

Once deployed, the User Import Service requires minimal administration. It provides a hook for third-party CRM systems or databases; thirdparty apps can export data into a supported CSV format. The User Import Service then creates, deletes or modifies users defined in the file automatically.

Once set up, the service requires no additional configuration to maintain. It functions in an autonomous mode, eliminating the need for additional administration and improving accuracy between platforms.

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