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Meet work item SLA commitments and increase workforce effectiveness and efficiency

Genesys Workload Management

Meeting customers where they are always present

Responding to customer inquiries over their channel of choice–phone or digital channels such as email, chat and social channels–is not enough to ensure you are delivering a great customer experience. Today, managing the end-to-end customer experience is the next frontier to improving customer loyalty, reducing cost and gaining a competitive advantage. This requires meeting the SLA commitment for sales
leads, insurance claims, trouble tickets, and other follow-up tasks, which is a challenge that many organizations struggle to meet.

Some have tried to combat this problem by investing heavily in CRM, workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions to streamline their business processes and ensure consistency in executing them. The problem with these solutions is that they are only “process-aware” but never “people-aware”.

Some business processes can be handled without any human intervention, but others rely on a timely response from an employee. And this is often where traditional solutions fall short. Work items can sit in one of your systems for days, weeks or even months without anyone noticing it, except your customer. As your customer wonders why your organization is not responding in time, they will call you, send you emails and talk about their frustrations with their peers.

All of this leads to increased operating cost for your organization, decreased customer loyalty and a damaged brand reputation.

Exposing invisible inefficiencies

Often, the workforce that manages and handles the work items in the customer experience is inefficient. Employees spend a good portion of their time searching for work, looking in several systems, and often do not work on the most urgent task at the right time. Also, some employees may enjoy working on certain types of work items as a lack of management information means they can slow down and take another extra break. The problem is that all of these inefficiencies are often invisible.

Workload Management exposes these inefficiencies and by measuring the real productivity of your workforce, you will see great returns on your efforts to improve the customer experience, reduce your operating cost and also increase employee engagement levels.

Meeting service level commitments

Workload Management helps your organization by improving the responsiveness of your business processes and improves the customer experience by:

  • Consolidating all enterprise work items across business processes, applications and systems into one single task list
  • Continuously reprioritizing all work items to ensure deadlines are met
  • Distributing work items based on real-time employee presence and skill to increase job completion rates

Increasing the efficiency of your workforce

To reduce cost, the productivity of your workforce needs to increase. Workload Management eliminates the time-consuming process of manually searching and selecting work and makes the inefficiencies of your workforce visible, so that your organization can reduce backlog and better manage cost and quality by:

  • Gaining real-time and historic insight into SLAs and individual employee performance
  • Forecasting and scheduling across all customer interactions and work items
  • Increasing the job accuracy and timeliness of completion by granular matching of the required work with required skills

Increasing employee engagement

Your employees are at the heart of your business and ensuring they are best equipped to deliver on the brand promise and increase their engagement level will create happier customers, reduce absenteeism and improve overall efficiencies. Workload Management increases employee engagement by:

  • Ensuring fair distribution of work and recognition for performance
  • Providing a single multichannel desktop for increased automation
  • Offering variation in work and a single work schedule for all interactions and work items

Workload management

Genesys Workload Management works in conjunction with existing CRM, BPM and workflow systems such as Oracle CRM,, SAP and many others, and provides a centralized set of capabilities to your enterprise architecture. A single global task list consolidates work items across different systems, applications and business processes for continual prioritization of all work (just-in-time prioritization). It ensures SLA adherence and overall focus on the right work.

As you have now gained control over the entire work inventory, it is now possible to dynamically balance workload by proactively routing real-time interactions. Work items will be distributed based on real-time workforce availability and will enable you to better manage and control work. This will also result in an increase of the quality of work by granular matching of the required work with required employee skills and reduce backlog of work. You can now automate SLA Management through awareness of existing SLA metrics and visibility into work schedules. All work items will be continuously prioritized against a set of business rules and delivered on a just-in-time basis to your employees.

In order to reduce the number of status inquiries you can notify customers proactively of status changes, reducing the number of unnecessary status calls from customers. Workload Management automates the delivery process for work items, so employees no longer have to pick and choose work manually from multiple systems. Based on an employees defined skills, business rules and current SLA performance, work items are delivered in real time through proactive screen notification messages. Real-time dashboards and historic insight for SLA and workforce performance provide greater operational control and insight into the customer experience and workforce utilization through the identification of invisible inefficiencies. You can act better and faster to correct employees who are out of adherence, or re-assign employees to business processes where SLA is under pressure.

An integrated workforce management capability allows you to forecast and schedule across all interactions and work items for better management and allocation of resources and elimination of any backlog of work. This allows you to reduce under- and overstaffing, and to provide employees with a single schedule for all their work activities.

An omnichannel desktop provides a single work queue, including presentation of contextual information (desktop automation) necessary for work completion, improved employee productivity and satisfaction. Through Genesys adapters, desktop functions to handle work items can also be integrated into your existing employee user interface.

Examples of workload management “In action”

Workload Management delivers significant return on investment for organizations that have successfully exposed their invisible inefficiencies and added Workload Management to their existing CRM, BPM or workflow or other enterprise solutions. Across the globe and a wide variety of industries, the following results have been achieved:

Deliver on SLA Performance

  • Overall efficiency gain of 25% and decrease in processing time of 50%
  • Increased delivery of promises (kept SLA deadlines) from 88% to 95%
  • Consistently meet SLA commitments

Increased Workforce Efficiency

  • 40% reduction in task processing time and 15% reduction in FTE staffing costs
  • Improved employee occupancy by 10% and reduced manual distribution of tasks by 90%
  • Improved task average handle time by 5% and reduced misrouted work items by 90%

Increased Employee Engagement

  • Increased agent occupancy to 90% without increase in short-term sickness
  • Improved employee satisfaction due to more variety in daily work for front-office employees though combined call and case handling

Increased Conversion for Revenue and Collection

  • 34% increase in lead response times
  • 4% increase in sales conversion rates

Which success story could be your organization in the future?

If your organization would like to increase SLA performance, increase workforce productivity or improve employee engagement, it behooves you to investigate how Workload Management could help you to achieve those goals. Contact us today to learn more about Genesys Workload Management and how it would improve your Key Performance Indicators.

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