PureConnect Interaction Optimizer

Improve customer satisfaction, service levels and employee engagement through integrated multichannel workforce management

Genesys PureConnect Interaction Optimizer


Improved workforce management

  • Accurate forecasting and scheduling to better match staffing resources with demand
  • Produce ideal schedules while adhering to business rules and labor laws

Improved employee attrition rates

  • Allow employees to select profile schedules based on their personal preferences

Reduced handle times

  • Proper workforce planning ensures the properly skilled contact center agents are available to handle interactions

Improved operational efficiency

  • Less time spent manually planning, creating and updating schedules by automating tasks
  • Reduce overtime expenses with more accurate forecasting

Improved customer experience

  • Deliver a consistent customer experience that builds loyalty with accurate workforce scheduling

Ensure the correct resources are available with accurate forecasts, optimal schedules and real-time management

Service organizations successfully execute customer experience initiatives when available resources align with requirements. Genesys® PureConnect™ Interaction Optimizer empowers contact centers to accurately predict and analyze volumes, create and staff schedules, improve service consistency, and manage performance in real time.

Easily add powerful workforce management capabilities

Interaction Optimizer is fully integrated with the Genesys PureConnect platform. A simple licensing file is all you need to activate the solution. Your customer service organization benefits immediately by eliminating costly and error-prone integrations.

Centralized administration keeps things simple; there’s no need to access separate systems or create and synchronize duplicate information sources. Interaction Optimizer offers powerful workforce management functionality without the deployment headaches, maintenance problems or administration overhead of standalone systems.

Get full-featured functionality in an all-inclusive package

Unlike most workforce management products that price features separately, Interaction Optimizer offers advanced features like multiskill, multisite, and omnichannel forecasting and scheduling, as well as real-time schedule adherence and agent self-service at no extra cost.

Tight integration with the PureConnect allin-one contact center platform ensures that statistics, such as volume and handle time, are automatically available so that operations team can focus on creating accurate forecasts and cost-effective workforce schedules—instead of manually processing data.

Plan optimally and execute flawlessly

Interaction Optimizer creates accurate forecasts for contact volumes based on historical information. Define your service goals (ASA or service level) and then set optimal staffing level requirements throughout each day. Schedules are created and assigned automatically using agent preferences or a bidding process.

And because even the best plans might need finetuning when unforeseen events occur, Interaction Optimizer intraday management generates alerts when plans begin to deviate. This lets you take action early and stay on track. Realtime adherence helps agents stay on schedule throughout the day to avoid resource shrinkage.

Strategic planning

Workforce management can use existing resources, which is critical for contact centers to meet service goals consistently and stay within budget. However, not having enough agents or ones with the wrong skills makes it impossible to create optimal schedules.

Interaction Optimizer works in concert with the Genesys Decisions strategic planning product to ensure hiring and staffing plans align with the company’s operational goals. Effective strategic resource planning maximizes an organization’s investment in workforce management by making sure the right agents are hired, trained and available when needed.

Get the the most out of workforce engagement management

Interaction Optimizer is one of multiple PureConnect workforce management applications that help improve performance to achieve operational goals. The PureConnect workforce management app provides feature-rich functionality for multichannel interaction recording, quality management and workforce management, as well as strategic planning, customer feedback and real-time speech analytics.

"We’re thrilled with Genesys Cloud CX, our results to date, and the company’s vision for product innovation, security and stability. With its immediate and continuous delivery of new functionality, we can easily adopt technology advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) without expensive and time-intensive on-premises solution upgrades."

Dwayne Calder

Managing Director

Insights & Enablement, Client Care

Key Features

  • Enhanced data integration with the PureConnect all-in-one platform
  • Single and multisite forecasting and scheduling
  • Skills and omnichannel forecasting and scheduling
  • Long-term forecasting
  • Goals for service level, ASA or both
  • Discrete event simulation forecasting and scheduling
  • Agent preference and bidding schedule assignment
  • Intraday management and reforecasting
  • Time-off management
  • Real-time and historical schedule adherence
  • Graphical forecast editing and schedule management
  • Agent self-service and web portals

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