PureConnect Interaction Analyzer

Real-time speech analytics improve the customer experience

Genesys PureConnect Interaction Analyzer

Take action in real-time

Unlike traditional speech analytics solutions that mine recorded call audio, Genesys® PureConnect™ Interaction Analyzer listens for, detects and alerts on spoken words and phrases in real-time. This allows you to take action while calls are in process, not hours or days after they have ended.

Results are stored with recordings to provide value beyond the real-time interaction.You can quickly find interactions based on what was said by the agent or the customer to improve quality assurance, ensure regulatory compliance and identify broken processes that result in customer frustration.

Unlock insights hidden within your customer interactions

Interaction Analyzer makes it easy to deploy a world-class, real-time speech analytics solution. As part of the PureConnect all-in-one platform, Interaction Analyzer gives you detailed insight about how agents interact with customers. Use this information to enhance agent performance, improve service delivery and provide a better customer experience.

Deliver value across the business

Interaction Analyzer benefits the contact center and the entire organization. Supervisors are alerted to issues as they happen, on a live call, allowing them to intervene when necessary and prevent escalations or undesirable outcomes. Quality Managers can easily find calls where service problems occurred, agents failed to follow defined procedures or customer retention was an issue. Management can quickly identify and take action on service trends, improvement opportunities or potential threats.

Get the the most out of workforce engagement management

Interaction Analyzer is one of multiple PureConnect workforce engagement management applications that improve performance to achieve operational goals. PureConnect workforce engagement management provides feature-rich functionality for multichannel interaction recording, quality management and workforce management, as well as strategic planning, customer feedback and real-time speech analytics.


Reduce contact center operating costs

  • Reducing deployment complexity and architecture cost significantly because there is no additional software or hardware to install
  • Creating and modifying key words, phrases and categories without engaging professional services
  • Reducing contact volume by identifying types of contacts that could be handled using self-service methods

Improve contact center revenue generation

  • Storing results with recordings, so businesses can identify the critical agent skills within interactions that lead to successful sales or collections
  • Precisely targeting training and coaching to focus on those key skills
  • Continuously monitoring all conversations to ensure the use of key skills and ongoing improvements

Improve the customer experience

  • Take action while calls are in progress to improve customer satisfaction and avoid undesirable outcomes
  • Increase agent skills to more effectively understand and address customer needs and issues

Key Features

Real-time keyword and phrase spotting

  • Define lists of keywords with alternate spellings and scores
  • Associate keyword lists with one or more inbound/outbound queues
  • Differentiate between agent and customer sides of the conversation
  • Access high-fidelity audio streams to improve detection
  • Support multiple languages concurrently

Get PureConnect Interaction Supervisor views for real-time monitoring, alerting and interaction scoring

  • View spotted words and conversation scores per interaction
  • Receive alerts for calls that cross pre-set thresholds
  • Track overall scores by agent and queue

PureConnect Interaction Recorder integration

  • Access analytic results stored with recordings
  • Search recordings for keywords, phrases or categories

PureConnect Interaction Quality Manager integration

  • Use speech analytics results to identify interactions for evaluation
  • Automatically send interactions to evaluators

Speech analytics reports

  • Report on keyword category and scoring trends by queue or agent

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