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Dialer Contact List Importer for the PureConnect platform

Seamlessly integrate your outbound contact list tools with PureConnect Dialer

Dialer Contact List Importer for the PureConnect platform

Dialer Contact List Importer for the Genesys® PureConnect™ platform automates the import of Dialer contact list records by providing hooks for back-end systems. The service lets you upload contacts by either a web service request or by monitoring for files in a network location. Dialer Contact List Importer can support single or multiple lead insertions.

Easy administration

Once deployed, Dialer Contact List Importer requires minimal administration. Dialer Contact List Importer provides a hook for third-party CRM systems or databases. The third-party applications send a request to the importer service via either a web service request or by saving a file to a network storage location. Once the solution receives the web service request or detects that a new file was added to the network location, it will create, append or delete the contact list autonomously.

Once Dialer Contact List Importer is set up, there is no additional configuration required to maintain the service or support additional campaigns. Additional campaigns are supported by parameters defined upon import. The service will function in an autonomous mode, eliminating the need for additional administration and improving accuracy among platforms.

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  • Reduces the need for administrative manual intervention
  • Allows existing contact management systems to integrate with PureConnect Dialer contact lists

Key Features

  • Import contacts via a CSV document or web services
  • Insert single or multiple leads per request
  • Remove a lead from a contact list
  • Include supporting information about the contact, including name, and primary and secondary phone numbers
  • Append or completely replace contacts to an existing contact list
  • Import contacts for just-in-time dialing

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