AI-driven workforce engagement management

Elevate your employee experience strategy

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Harness the power of your people

The success of your customer experience (CX) strategy depends on your team. Unlock their value with workforce engagement management (WEM) capabilities that align personal and business goals, keep your teams engaged, and equip managers with data-driven insights for continuous optimization. Genesys Workforce Engagement Management natively integrates with your Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution to simplify operations, boost performance and empower your team to deliver extraordinary results for your business and exceptional experiences for your customers.

Improve employee retention

Employee turnover is costly, but it’s not inevitable. With personalized skill development, real-time support and WEM tools that empower your team, you can keep them engaged, growing and committed to your brand.

Increase performance, not workload

Drive efficiency and performance without adding to employees’ workload or mental strain. Built-in artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators ensure you meet KPIs to optimize business results — without overburdening your CX team.

Reduce costs and achieve service goals

Balance staffing demands and service level requirements with employee workload and capacity — while keeping costs down. AI-powered planning ensures accurate staffing when and where you need it and delivers the flexibility to scale when demands change.

Build a better business for your employees, customers and bottom line

Get beyond workforce optimization (WFO) with a natively integrated WEM solution that improves the employee experience, boosts customer satisfaction and accelerates your team’s performance toward exceeding business goals. Get everything you need to maximize your employees’ impact on your business — connected and integrated with your contact center.

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Accelerate the impact of your entire contact center workforce with AI

Help your CX talent focus on what matters most, your customers. A unified smart workspace makes it easy for agents to handle interactions, manage performance and engage training opportunities all in the same place. No more screen switching. Built-in AI accelerators reduce time spent on manual tasks and alleviate mental strain with smart automated processes.

Planners benefit from AI-powered forecasting that enables accurate planning and better schedule management. Real-time reporting equips managers with day-to-day performance data and trend analytics to continuously optimize your contact center from a single location.

Your whole CX team is supported and empowered to focus on your customers and add value to your business.

Create a high-performance culture your employees will embrace

Keep your workforce engaged and reaching for high performance standards with a human-centric approach to workforce performance management and planning. Use AI-powered speech and text analytics with sentiment analysis and agent empathy analysis to identify performance patterns. Then, zero in on each agent’s development needs with targeted coaching.

Gamification tools leverage game mechanics to motivate employees and help them align personal goals with business outcomes. Personalized performance dashboards with real-time metrics and customized targets keep your team focused on monitoring and improving their performance.

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Simplify management for improved agility and resilience

A single, unified platform for customer engagement and workforce management streamlines deployment and administration and simplifies management of your CX operation. Manage your entire contact center from a central hub, no matter where your CX teams are located globally. Get full visibility into key contact center metrics, agent performance and customer experience across channels in real time.

Customize the flexible analytics workspace to examine interactions, agent performance and customer journeys for a full view of your operation, saving time and effort.

Reduce risk, ensure compliance and protect your business

Security, data protection and regulatory compliance don’t have to slow down your CX strategy. With a comprehensive set of compliance certifications and attestations, you can confidently navigate the complex global regulatory environment.

Automatic recording of every interaction on every channel ensures you can meet the highest levels of quality and compliance. AI-powered analytics mine this rich trove of data to identify compliance issues, spot performance trends and pinpoint agent behaviors and knowledge gaps that affect CX. Topic spotting and sentiment analysis deliver Voice of the Customer (VoC) insights to improve performance, remove bias from evaluations and augment quality processes that scale as needed.

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Unlock the potential of your CX talent

Engage and empower your entire contact center team with a full suite of AI-powered WEM capabilities fully integrated with your CCaaS solution. Increase employee engagement and productivity, boost the efficiency of your CX operations and improve business results through better customer experiences.

All-in-one, easy to use and powered by AI

Genesys Workforce Engagement Management makes it easy to elevate your employee experience, accelerate your team’s impact and realize exceptional value.

One platform to simplify operations

A unified platform with natively integrated CCaaS and WEM capabilities simplifies deployment and administration. And the modern cloud architecture allows for constant updates without downtime. With turnkey, out-of-the-box AI capabilities, you can drive efficiency and reduce administration costs.

Single supervisor interface

Make it easy to manage the entire contact center — no matter where your teams are located. With real-time and post-interaction insights, spot trends, pinpoint areas for improvement and optimize your resources for efficiency. Oversee interactions and manage performance, learning and career progression — all in one workspace.

Expedited quality management

Save time and effort with AI-powered evaluation of every interaction that improves focus on the critical elements that drive performance. Identify knowledge gaps or areas for improvement, find the best time for a personalized coaching session and schedule it all from the same screen. Scale up your view for trend insights to improve the customer journey.

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Start improving your employees’ journey

Nurture and equip your entire CX team

WEM is about more than improving productivity. It’s about building a better business.

That starts with attracting, nurturing and retaining top CX talent — from agents to supervisors, planners and administrators. Genesys Workforce Engagement Management can help you create a high-performance culture for your entire CX team that improves contact center productivity, elevates customer service and creates a long-term business advantage.

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Frequently asked questions

What is workforce engagement management?

Workforce engagement management (WEM) involves strategies and tools to maximize the engagement, performance and satisfaction of employees. In the context of a call center, this could involve scheduling and workforce optimization tools, performance management systems, learning and development programs, and tools to enhance communication and collaboration.

What is WEM software?

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) software is a tool that helps manage and improve employee engagement and productivity. It may include features for workforce optimization, quality management, performance management, learning management and employee feedback. It helps organizations understand their employees’ needs and motivations, enhance their experiences, and drive their performance.

How do you engage your workforce?

Engaging your workforce can involve various strategies. These can include providing clear communication, offering training and development opportunities, recognizing and rewarding good performance, fostering a positive work environment, providing meaningful work, and promoting work-life balance. Regular feedback and open dialogue can also help to address issues and improve engagement.

Which tools or software can help me to engage my workforce?

Various tools and software can help engage your workforce. These might include collaboration tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams, learning management systems like Talentsoft or Docebo, employee feedback tools like SurveyMonkey or TINYpulse, and performance management tools like Betterworks or 15Five. Comprehensive platforms like Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) software can also be valuable.

Are there any drawbacks to using a workforce engagement management software?

Potential drawbacks to using workforce engagement management software could include the cost of the software, the time and effort required to implement and learn the system, and potential resistance from employees. However, these challenges can often be managed through careful selection, proper training and ongoing support.