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Supercharge your insights with speech and text analytics

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Get the full picture of your customer interactions

Save data processing time

Quickly gather, analyze and share valuable insights with automated speech and text analytics in one interface — no matter your interaction volume. Store data and generate meaningful sampling with ease.

Mitigate liability risks

Protect your business and your agents. Monitor the exact language and tone of voice used across every interaction. Then keep a record of this information to use in the case of a dispute or an escalated inquiry.

Get the insights you need

Determine what drives your customer behaviors and do more of it. Figure out the skills your best agents have. Track successful interactions that lead to sales or collections. Develop training based on your top performers.

Use conversational analytics to make data-driven decisions

Complete voice transcription

Give your managers time back by automating full interaction transcription. Provide insights that influence future customer interactions and productivity with industry-standard transcription.

Phrase recognition

Set rules based on words or phrases to understand and identify your most meaningful interactions. Optimize your processes, campaigns and customer service based on insights.

Interaction discovery

Get a 360-degree view of every interaction. Play back and listen to conversations and uncover key insights, including underlying issues, customer sentiment scores, agent performance and more.

Conversational intelligence

Visualize and understand customer topics and sentiment trends by agent, queue and flow. Search and filter data based on chosen parameters to get easy-to-use, actionable insights.

Sentiment analysis

Examine interaction language and gain deep customer understanding. Proactively detect when customer interactions should be escalated. Get valuable data on your product, agents and improvement areas.

Intent miner

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to surface intent from conversations. Get insight into what customers care about and want to achieve. Use this information to identify automation opportunities with voicebots and chatbots.


Keeping up with increasing inquiry volumes can be difficult. With Genesys, you can quickly analyze text and voice interactions, no matter what channel they occur within or the volume of interactions received. We provide actionable, real-time conversational analytics so you can share insights across your organization with ease.

Take control of your customer experience and service. Truly understand how your customers feel about your brand — whether that’s positive, negative or neutral. Quickly search, segment, and identify trends and insights that can positively impact your processes and operations. Then implement findings in the form of process changes that will benefit your customers and your entire team.

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2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Contact Center as a Service

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– and positioned highest in execution

The most comprehensive conversational analytics

Interaction analytics from Genesys unites text and speech analytics solutions into a single application. You get a comprehensive view of your data without having to navigate disparate tools. Get insights with rules-based reporting in a unified dashboard. Make decisions based on your interaction insights across all channels.

Consolidate voice and text analytics across channels

Prospects and customers already contact your business across channels. And, as the number of digital channels grows, so does the complexity of your customer data. If you want to make sense of the data, you need tools that can do the heavy lifting. That means having one application to identify your customers’ needs, agents’ behaviors, business trends and more. Get a better understanding of all conversations — across all channels — in exactly the same way.

Streamline your conversation analysis processes

Say goodbye to random sampling, manual selection and interaction review processes. With an integrated system, you can identify and group analysis topics with ease. Optimize your sentiment analysis efforts with the ability to visualize your insights.

Learn how your customers feel and how your agents perform over time using AI. Identify important data for each segment of your company, and share that information with less effort.

Eliminate accuracy issues with dual analytics

Many analytics engines convert audio into text or phonemes before analyzing. But that could cause you to lose valuable data and context. And that compromises reliability of information — and affects your ability to deliver exceptional service.

Genesys combines two analytics engines to recognize entire phrases within the call audio. With our sentiment analysis tools, you can make call transcriptions comprehensive and clear.

Share actionable data across your organization

Plan and execute customer and employee experience strategies using AI-powered speech and text analytics. Close the loop on all unused data by extracting meaning and insights out of every interaction.

Share actionable insights across your company, including legal, marketing, HR, development and sales. Then use these insights to drive productivity, make better decisions, grow your business and create more meaningful customer connections.

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