Improve every experience with customer journey orchestration

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Enhance customer experience and operational success

Help customers reach their goals

By recognizing intent and prior experiences, guide customers toward their goals with every interaction.

Reduce the cost to serve

Resolve issues ahead of time to boost self-service rates and reduce unneeded channel switches and repeat calls.

Boost your agent efficiency

Route customers to the best agent using intent and behavior, and provide visibility into customers’ past actions.

Infuse every interaction with rich journey insights

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Journey-driven audience activation

Move beyond static buyer personas by activating journey-driven audiences. Use Pointillist Audiences to orchestrate experiences that better reflect potential customer intent, prior experience and behavior.

Web personalization

A journey-driven approach can improve customer interactions across touchpoints. Provide the right web content that offers the right next step based on individual preferences and experiences.

Contact routing and insight sharing

Make your customer service agents’ lives easier. Route calls to the right person based on customer goals and previous experience. Easily resolve issues more quickly and provide a more empathetic experience.

Boost loyalty with customer journey orchestration software

Journey orchestration goes beyond traditional personalization techniques. It considers customer journey data from every channel, source or system. This way, each interaction with your brand reflects a customer’s entire experience — not just the current interaction. Every customer touchpoint is personalized, and the customer’s wants and needs are the basis of every interaction.

Extend personalization with customer journey orchestration

Customer experience, marketing and operations leaders use customer journey orchestration software to deliver personalized experiences that improve business outcomes.

Improve experiences across touchpoints

Customers engage with your organization through a variety of channels. They’re often active in multiple journeys at the same time. If you don’t take that into account, actions taken to solve a problem could have unintended consequences.

Pointillist integrates easily with your existing applications, like real-time interaction management, campaign automation, web experience management, contact center and workflow platforms. These platforms pull data from the Pointillist Customer Journey Data Hub. The customer’s historical experience and current goals inform every email, text, chat and phone call.

Personalize based on each customer’s goals

Providing personalized customer experiences is more than delivering the next best offer. Customer-centric organizations focus on each customer’s full experience — not just their most recent interaction.

Pointillist Audiences makes it easy to align personalization efforts with each customer’s unique goals. Tailor customer segments by activating or updating audiences based on customer attributes, time and behavior. Take action to avoid poor experiences, like automatically suppressing marketing emails to customers trying to resolve an issue.

Test and optimize experience changes before you act

Most companies lack the comprehensive, up-to-date journey data needed to optimize each interaction. They have to test experience enhancements on their customers to measure their impact via customer feedback. With Pointillist, you can put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Simulate journey improvements, and determine the best outcome before you act. Run A/B tests to evaluate potential improvements without affecting your customer experience. And the award-winning Pointillist interface puts testing tools at your fingertips. Adapt personalization logic, compare journeys and potential impact, and rapidly visualize results at scale.

Maintain the unique way your organization works

Most journey orchestration platforms move all personalization logic at every touchpoint into a single, complex rules set. This won’t work for larger companies, where different teams may manage each channel and sub-journey.

Our flexible approach to journey orchestration works for even the largest, most complex businesses. Journey orchestration is manageable no matter how many systems you have — or whether each has its own logic.

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Personalize every experience with customer journey orchestration

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Frequently asked customer journey orchestration questions

What is an example of journey orchestration?

Journey orchestration involves designing and coordinating customer interactions across various touchpoints to provide a seamless and personalized customer experience. A retailer might track a customer’s browsing behavior across their website, and send related product or service recommendations. If the customer returns to the website, the company may offer assistance through a chatbot. And after the purchase, they follow up with offers based on the purchase.

What is the difference between journey management and orchestration?

Journey management and journey orchestration both aim to enhance the customer journey, but they take different approaches. Journey management maps out the customer journey and identifies touchpoints, then manages that journey to provide a consistent experience. Journey orchestration involves coordinating interactions across multiple channels and touchpoints in real time, based on the customer’s behavior.