Drive smarter CX strategy with a modernized tech stack

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A single platform with endless possibilities

Customers always want more. So do the customer experience (CX) teams that engage with them.

But if that leads to a patchwork of point solutions, data silos and complex integrations, then more becomes too much. You end up scrambling just to keep the lights on — and that leaves no time for innovation.

It’s time to modernize your tech stack, enable faster innovation and build stronger strategic partnerships within your organization.

Gain agility with a simplified CX tech stack

Reduce IT burdens, increase efficiency and agility, and lower costs with a unified open cloud platform. Replace your technical debt with a modern cloud infrastructure.

Cut the cost of exceptional CX

Consolidate multiple systems into a single open platform with comprehensive pre-integrated microservices for CX and workforce engagement management (WEM) on a single codebase. Extensive integrations and native AI enable personalized experiences for every customer on any channel. A single system eases administration, minimizes your tech footprint, simplifies solution management and cuts your costs.

Streamline data aggregation

Drive smarter automation with AI-ready data from across your CX ecosystem — there’s no need for a team of data analysts. Automate data extraction to add context and mine customer intent. Simplified aggregation and identity resolution create a unified view of the customer and enable continuous monitoring across channels. Trigger automation in the Genesys Cloud™ platform and beyond with real-time event data.

Simplify AI deployment

Speed AI deployment and adoption with turnkey AI. Intuitive interfaces enable CX teams to configure native AI capabilities quickly, and they can optimize for selected KPIs with just a click. These capabilities learn and evolve, so your business will always be equipped for deeper insights and smarter automation in real time — without requiring a dedicated AI development team.

Maximize resilience and reduce risk

Say goodbye to capacity constraints with an autoscaling microservices architecture that adapts instantly. Maximum resilience and uptime are backed by an aggressive SLA with a 100% guarantee. View the system status in real time. A single SLA covers all CX and WEM capabilities, so there’s no confusion or shifting the blame when you need support.

Put CX innovation within reach throughout your business

As customer expectations shift, brands that adapt quickly will thrive. Build your capacity to innovate without burdening development and IT resources.

Share the power to innovate

User-friendly tools empower CX teams to self-serve innovation. No-code orchestration tools enable technical and non-technical users to collaborate and co-create in real time to build differentiated experiences. Add value in a few clicks with over 500 pre-built apps and integrations in the AppFoundry® Marketplace.

Create unique CX solutions faster

Accelerate innovation with an open platform and rich developer tools. Extend and connect to the platform with more than 3,000 APIs you can test in the developer center. Build unique customer experience solutions with sustainable development frameworks; templates; and tools in familiar, modern programming languages. Easily deploy changes into production with A/B testing for smarter innovation and less risk.

Get zero-downtime upgrades

Weekly releases keep you up to date without weekend upgrades and system downtime. Continuous product innovation ensures you’re prepared to adapt and innovate. Add new functionality as it’s released at no additional cost with just a click. Stay ahead of customer expectations and the competition with the latest CX tech delivered automatically.

Scale globally as needs change

Expand operations with unsurpassed global coverage and a world-class security stance. A single codebase and shared security model reduce burdens and free up budget. The Global Media Fabric ensures service quality worldwide. Plus, you maintain centralized control for consistent operations across deployments of any size, location or operating model.

Elevate IT beyond service to strategic partnerships

Stronger internal partnerships lead to better business outcomes. Deepen your strategic relationships with a composable platform that drives collaborative innovation.

Empower business partners

User-friendly tools shared across teams accelerate the conversion of knowledge into action. That empowers business partners to innovate collaboratively.

Increase your impact

A modern tech stack eases IT burdens. Rich productized capabilities and easier innovation reduce developers’ workloads. Redirect resources to higher-impact initiatives.

Develop your staff

Innovation with modern tools creates a dynamic environment for top technical talent. With lighter IT burdens, you can devote more time to skills development.

Achieve internal alignment

Through co-creation with business partners, you’ll gain insights into their goals. And you’ll be empowered to better align technology resources throughout the organization.

Deliver enduring value

A modern architecture boosts efficiency. Increased agility enables innovation. With the power to say yes to more, you’re equipped to deliver enduring value.

Drive sustainable change

With infrastructure flowing toward the future, you can do more than respond to requests. You can anticipate future needs and engage in more holistic planning.

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Gain endless possibilities with a single open platform

Reduce technical debt, lower costs and deliver more for customers and business partners. Assemble your optimal mix of capabilities, integrations and apps. When requirements change, adapt and innovate with ease. Get ready to elevate your company’s CX strategy.

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