Connect through a flexible telephony infrastructure

Harness the speed and agility of PureCloud and connect your customer engagement and enterprise-wide unified communications with the telephony option that best fits your business needs. An array of voice services options give you flexibility and choice.

PureCloud Voice

Use one vendor for all your telephony needs. Simplified administration. Straightforward usage-based pricing.

Bring Your Own Carrier

Maintain ownership of your voice carrier relationships for business flexibility. Opt for either on-prem or cloud infrastructure.

PureCloud Voice for ease and simplicity

PureCloud Voice is a VoIP service that can be activated to provide public telephony access to any PureCloud service.

Purchase phone numbers from us or bring phone numbers with you. PureCloud Voice was built for simple straightforward administration and enables you to scale your cloud communications with ease for a 100% cloud solution. Now available outside North America.

Bring Your own Carrier for business flexibility

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) is a voice delivery option that gives you the flexibility to leverage your own preferred local carrier with PureCloud.

Maintain an existing relationship with your carrier, or establish a new one. Choose the telephony infrastructure that fits your needs—on-prem or cloud. You manage your own voice cost.


Create the most efficient and cost-effective telephony plan for your business. Leverage local carriers and define outbound routes for various number classifications.


Enable a global office with a 100% cloud solution. Build international presence with a consolidated communications platform. Pick up the phone around the word and get billed for local minutes. Great for multinational corporations.


Go completely cloud and leverage an advanced future-proof microservices architecture—highly available, scalable, reliable and secure. Or opt for an on-site device with remote survivability and wideband high-definition voice, regardless of Internet quality.

Telephony you can rely on

SIP gateway

The SIP gateway connects a SIP network to other networks which use different protocols or technologies, such as the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

SIP proxy

The SIP proxy provides client and server-side call matching. A proxy interrupts, and, if necessary, rewrites specific parts of a request message before forwarding it

Media tier

The media tier manages all voice aspects of media processing for both customer engagement and unified communications.

Call broker

Reliable call classification rules and routing for inbound and outbound calls.

Flexible site settings

Easy administration for trunk connections and telephony properties.

Phone provisioning

Simple, flexible configuration settings for SIP phones.

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