Becca Mayers

Director, Software Product Marketing

As a strategic product marketer, Becca Mayers has a passion for customer-centric, innovative marketing. She began her 25-plus-year high-tech marketing career as VP Sales and Marketing at a startup. In the years that followed, she defined strategies, plans and processes, including in product marketing, positioning and go-to-market at SAS over the course of her 13 years there. She founded and managed end-to-end industry marketing at Red Hat. At Oracle, she was their first customer experience portfolio product marketing manager before joining and leading Oracle Modern Best Practice, which defines and shares LOB processes that power sales strategies, implementations and thought leadership. Prior to Genesys, she led customer data enrichment product marketing at Valassis Digital in the AdTech industry. In January 2019, Becca joined Genesys as a Product Marketing Director focusing on Genesys AI. Now, as a member of the Alliances, Industry and Market Discovery Product Marketing team, she creates partner go-to-market plans and messaging and researches emerging market opportunities for Genesys.

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