Taking customer experience to a new level with AI

Next, born from Brazilian bank Bradesco, is a fully digital bank designed to serve a young, tech-savvy demographic. Next was created with the customer’s journey in mind — available when and how they prefer. “We want Next to be a gateway by which we can help them in these journeys to fulfill their dreams,” said Head of Customer Experience, Eder Gonzaga.

To better service their customers, Next uses the Genesys Multicloud CX™ solution and IBM Watson. In fact, most of their customers prefer to use self-service — with 85% of interactions conducted through artificial intelligence (AI). Watson is the first point of contact and has enabled Next to achieve much higher productivity. For Next, Watson isn’t only a new way to communicate with customers, it’s a differentiator.


  • Over 75,000 discrete questions and native slang handled by chatbots
  • 300,000 customers onboarded in year one
  • 95% utilization of digital channels for journeys
  • 85% served through AI

Watson speaks the language of Next's public. Doing a test, opening an account, accessed by WhatsApp, or by chat — where Watson serves them — you can see a language that is already humanized, easy going, and that makes us different.

Eder Gonzaga, Head of Customer Experience, Next | Bradesco


  • Launch new digital bank targeting 18- to 35-year-old customers
  • Maximize opportunity for AI and self-service

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