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Shape customer journeys with artificial intelligence and machine learning

Connect the dots on customer patterns

Augment your customer relationships through predictive analytics and learn how to drive more intelligent customer engagement automatically. Genesys Altocloud combines artificial intelligence with data from multiple sources to predict the likelihood that a customer will achieve a specific milestone within their journey. Whether that milestone is ordering a product, requesting an insurance quote or booking a flight on a website, real-time visualization of digital behavior gives you the context behind the entire step. Identify customer pain points quickly to convert any engagement into a positive experience and increase lifetime customer value.

Analyzing and shaping customer journeys

Collect the right data and strengthen your customer relationships

Unified communications and collobaration tools

Make a big impact with rich customer context

A single piece of information can make a big difference in converting a customer. Gather valuable data, such as customer browsing history, events in the journey that led to a decision to call, or solutions to similar customer problems. Altocloud analyzes this rich context in real time to build lifetime customer value.

Personalize journeys through analytics insights

Apply analytics to better understand your customers and personalize their journeys. As a marketer, you can use segmentation and clustering to help understand customers and behavior patterns. Then use that collected data to predict if a new customer will convert based on machine learning from previous customers. You also can determine how many segments to form and the customer characteristics of each.

Apply predictive analytics to the customer journey

Know what your customer is thinking

Predictive analytics lets you can predict user behavior, shifts in interests or the likelihood of events. Anticipate when to offer agent support to a customer who’s browsing your site. Improve the overall experience by identifying and engaging with prospects and customers at the right time and on the best channel—automated or assisted—before they contact you.

Fine-tune analytics with feedback

Customer behavior and needs change quickly—yesterday’s assumptions might not be accurate today. Genesys Altocloud uses both implicit and explicit feedback to apply predictive analytics to dynamic customer journeys. Automate responses that optimize the journey and apply the right resources to the most important customer needs. You’ll improve customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

Apply predictive analytics to the customer journey

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