Genesys Co-browse

Offer high-value, live collaboration to reduce customer effort

Genesys Co-Browse


  •  Improved customer experience
  • Reduced customer effort
  • Faster contact resolution
  • Increased online conversion
  • Enhanced lifetime value of customers
  • Lower shopping cart abandonment
  • Greater average order value
  • Maximized agent productivity

Key Features

  • Dynamic start page allows you to add co-browsing capabilities to website sections where you anticipate the most need.
  • Page-sharing lets your agents see exactly what customers are seeing on your site, so they can view problem areas firsthand.
  • Form-sharing allows agents to help customers complete online forms with confidence, thus reducing abandonment rates.
  • Industry-leading security safeguards your customer’s sensitive information.
  • Account numbers and other sensitive data are not visible to agents during co-browsing sessions. In addition, customer desktops and files are not shared with agents.

One of the biggest reasons that organizations today lose sales or offer inefficient service over web channels is that customers cannot find the information they need. With Genesys Co-browse, companies can now drive up new revenue and improve service by guiding customers in real time to information about the products and services they need.

Co-browse lets customer share browser pages with contact center agents or knowledge experts, which in conjunction with real time chat or phone support, provides more effective, personalized online assistance.

The ability of agents to co-browse with customers minimizes channel escalation, improves first contact resolution (FCR), reduces abandonment, boosts customer loyalty, and decreases service costs.

Reduce cart and web form abandonment

The health of your organization is tied to the ability to ensure customers receive appropriate service in their moment of need and finalize their purchases by completing web forms and applications. The inability to find information, compare products, or understand web forms leads to reduced customer loyalty, lost sales, and additional costs.

Research firms estimate shopping cart and form abandonment rates are as high as 65%. Providing relevant intervention directly affects your bottom line and vastly improves the customer experience. This leads to additional up-selling and crossselling opportunities and an increase in the size of the average sale.

Elevate your online customer experience

Incorporating Co-browse into your web support environment empowers your customers and agents to initiate sessions—enabling hands-on assistance with everything from site navigation and form completion to picking the right item and completing the checkout process.

With Co-browse, your agents can also proactively invite customers into sessions to further improve the customer experience. The potential payoff is clear. According to the industry research firm SQM, a 1% improvement in FCR performance equals $256,000 in annual operational savings for the average contact center.

Give your agents the power of personalized assistance

By adding Genesys Co-browse to your online assistance mix, you ensure that your agents deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, and you also boost revenue by providing relevant assistance during the buying process. Co-browse places a wealth of functionality at your customer service representatives’ fingertips, enabling them to provide a level of personalized service that will keep issues from being escalated to additional support channels.

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"We’re thrilled with Genesys Cloud CX, our results to date, and the company’s vision for product innovation, security and stability. With its immediate and continuous delivery of new functionality, we can easily adopt technology advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) without expensive and time-intensive on-premises solution upgrades."

Dwayne Calder

Managing Director

Insights & Enablement, Client Care


Skills-Based, Context-Sensitive

Co-browsing sessions are offered in conjunction with real-time chat or phone calls and are prioritized and routed to the right agent the first time.

Real-Time, Proactive Co-Browsing

Co-browse seamlessly integrates with Genesys Web Engagement to proactively extend invitations based on business rules. These may include any combination of agent availability, customer behavior, or profile/segmentation.

Pointer Mode

By default, when a co-browsing session is initiated, agents are in a read-only mode, so they’re only able to point and highlight during sessions. For more complex interactions, agents can request that customers allow write access.

Unified Desktop (Genesys Workspace)

Agents can easily access customer profiles and history and assist customers with website navigation, forms, and locating information—all while maintaining the conversation over chat or video. They can also seamlessly transfer the chat and co-browsing session to a specialist, leading to a better customer experience.

Customer Feedback

Surveys following co-browsing sessions give customers the opportunity to provide specific feedback that helps you optimize your sales and service strategies.

High Availability

Co-browse offers high availability capabilities with seamless failover in case a problem arises, ensuring business continuity.

Co browse and historical interactions

Genesys Co-browse, Offer high-value, live collaboration
to reduce customer effort

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