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Genesys Agent Portal

Increase agent productivity with intuitive web interface for interacting with customers

Genesys Agent Portal


  • Maximize agent productivity
  • Increase right-party conversations
  • Enable supervisory tools to track campaigns and agents
  • Reduce customer on-hold times
  • Provide a better customer experience
  • Increase collections effectiveness

Providing agents with the necessary tools to effectively and efficiently engage with consumers is central to building an excellent customer experience and driving overall contact center productivity.

Genesys offers innovative and easy-to-use webbased agent productivity tools to communicate over the voice and SMS channels as part of its Proactive Customer Communications solution to enable businesses of all sizes to improve profitability by maximizing agent productivity and driving the bottom line.

Individual agents simply login to the Genesys Agent Portal to indicate their current availability, schedule breaks, receive and respond to incoming calls and texts, and disposition interactions. Agents can also review and input data associated with their current call or text dialog, such as account information, amount past due and loyalty program status.

Agent Voice Portal (AVP) delivers a blend of inbound and outbound calls directly to the agent’s desktop, including predictive, preview, and manually dialed calls as well as those delivered from inbound and outbound IVRs. The agent voice portal eliminates ring and hold time delays, and increases agent productivity by delivering a customized screen pop to the agent desktop with the contact’s account information. AVP also provides customized agent workflows via agent scripts and customized call dispositions for agents to accurately manage contacts. Additionally AVP provides call controls such as transfers, callbacks and recording pause and resume.

Agent Text Portal (ATP) enables organizations to bring text messaging into contact centers by using a combination of automated and agent-assisted text dialogs. Texts that require special handling are escalated to agents who send pre-defined responses or write free-form texts back to the customer. Using ATP, agents can handle multiple customer text dialogs simultaneously and they can view history and details of customers’ text conversations, and text chats can transition seamlessly from automation to agent-assisted based on the customer’s most recent response. Agents can also opt-in or optout customers from future text messages too.

The Genesys Agent Portal also provides contact center managers with scheduling and supervisory tools such as monitor-coach-barge, real-time agent status, agent permissions, and information on the current contact to provide real-time visibility into voice and text campaign activity and individual agent performance.

The benefits of the Genesys cloud-based agent interface will appeal to any organization that wants to cost-effectively improve contact center operations by maximizing agent productivity and improving the customer experience.

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Industry-leading call pacing

By allowing agents to log in to the application and signal their availability, Genesys is able to accurately pace calling to meet current resources, regardless of the expected staffing schedule. In addition, agents can suspend Genesys calling to their number when they need to take an inbound call from another source or need to leave their station for a break or other reason.

Desktop window

A “screen pop” allows transfers to agents without need for an audible “whisper” of account information, greatly decreasing hold times and abandon calls. Each screen pop includes the call recipient’s name, account number, other phone numbers and customized data, which may vary by campaign. Agents can see how long the caller was on hold before they reached the agent. The agent can also see which campaign and subcampaign they are working on, and can follow a predefined script suited to meet their application.

Agent creation

The contact center manager can add agents individually using the Genesys interface or import larger lists of agents via the Account Manager interface. Contact center managers have the permission to create and edit skill groups and enable and disable features such as manual dialing or call transfer for each agent group as well as assign agents to skill groups to begin dialing immediately. Controls are built in to ensure that calls will not be launched until agents have logged into the Agent Portal, even if their schedule has begun for the day.


The Agent Portal provides clients with both summary and detail reports to evaluate agent and campaign performance. As an example, the Agent Performance report shows key figures and indicators for each agent, such as number of calls answered, average talk, after call work, and idle durations as well as critical utilization statistics. This data can be used to evaluate agents and drive overall productivity.

System requirements

  • Modern web-browser (IE9.0 or higher, Firefox 3.6 or higher or Chrome)
  • A valid audio connection over the PSTN or via a private network connection (VPN or MPLS)
  • Client must enable HTTP/HTTPS access to the domain from all agent workstations
  • Bandwidth requirements will vary depending on scripting requirements and audio connections

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