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Automate complex workforce planning decisions to best serve your unique business needs

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Strategic workforce planning and decisions in minutes

Workforce management can be a lengthy task. To make the right choices, you have to consider information from across channels and business tools. And, as you add more systems and softwares your contact center, you also add complexity.

This makes it hard to zero-in on the necessary data to predict call volumes and staffing needs. But with workforce management software, it doesn’t have to be.

Decisioning tools can help. Improve your staffing strategies, develop hiring plans and manage business challenges. Intelligently assign resources to deliver the best possible customer experiences. With artificial intelligence (AI) support, it’s easier to crunch data across systems and softwares.

This data gives you accurate contact center forecasting in minutes. Use these insights to schedule employee time weeks in advance. Plus, by scheduling in advance, you have built-in flexibility when agents need it.

Data-driven workforce management decisions

Increasing customer satisfaction

Get the right answers

Easily determine how many agents you need week over week. Look at contact volumes, attrition and service levels to develop plans. Basing decisions on data ensures efficient and high-performance staffing and service plans.


Optimize your contact center

Long-term planning is about more than making schedules. Let it inform your talent management and improve your future workforce. Develop efficient just-in-time hiring, overtime allocation, vacation distribution and training plans. Then support your workforce with timely training.

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Budget with confidence

Break down data silos. Use your historical data, from across systems, to answer what-if questions. Leverage these insights to predict costs, revenue and profits. Make decisions that support your long-term goals.

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A workforce planning, scheduling and forecasting platform you can trust

Your customers expect exceptional support every time they interact with you. And they don’t expect that to change — even if their preferences have since they last reached out. If you want to keep up with evolving expectations, you need the right agents and technology. Manually analyzing historical data to determine staffing needs doesn't work. It's time-consuming and inefficient. And, by the time you've figured out how many agents you need, your prospects have had time to go somewhere else.

Long-term forecasting and planning tools from Genesys streamline the process. Cut the bulk of your hands-on forecasting activities so you can speed up data analysis to inform strategic decisions. Schedule weeks in advance with confidence. Achieve up to 90% forecasting accuracy in less time. Spend more time nurturing agents so the right support is always in place.

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A single platform

Use one platform for your planning efforts to gain efficiency. Automated tools and processes make it easy to execute planning responsibilities. And that gives supervisors more time to spend with your team.


Seamless integrations

Our planning and forecasting tools seamlessly integrate with your customer experience platform. Bring information together to break down data silos. Use full context to enable quick decisions that will benefit your business.

Targeted proactive communications

Accurate and reliable

Forecasting only helps your business if it’s accurate. AI-powered algorithms deliver up to 90% long-term forecasting and planning accuracy. Use historical and recent data to make confident scheduling decisions.

"Perhaps the most important thing I have learnt from my experience, is the value of having a fully integrated forecasting and scheduling tool. When you can see the whole value chain, you get much greater insight into the way that the contact center performs and can make much more accurate forecasts."

Grethe Smith-Meyer

Vice President, Contact Center Operations


Take the guesswork out of contact center forecasting

Customer journey

Plan ahead

Learn from your historical call center data. Use it to plan for customer demand, call volumes and agent coverage. Streamline your business planning and create accurate schedules based on what you know. Extend those plans across channels and workgroups so nothing falls through the cracks.


Weigh your options

Create simulation models that deliver near-100% accuracy. Assess cost versus performance tradeoffs with sophisticated what-if analysis. Find the likely outcomes and risks of any staffing or interaction volume scenario or forecast. Use historical data to make more strategic business decisions.

Connect your whole team

Staff smarter

Execute long-term workforce and planning with confidence. Look at data across systems to understand what you need. Figure out how many agents — and what skillsets — are necessary in upcoming schedules. Develop efficient just-in-time hiring, overtime, vacation and training plans based on week-over-week data. And inform your performance management plans with relevant data.

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Budget based on data

Make the most of what you know. Study historical data and real-time customer information. Use powerful AI technology to analyze costs and revenue data for detailed financial analysis. Compare these insights to agent skillsets, salaries and performance to drive scheduling decisions. Add information from other long-term planning tools into your budget with ease.


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Workforce planning enables strategic decisions

Stop dreading long-term scheduling and planning. With automated tools, you can manage complex planning with greater accuracy — in less time. Deliver the experiences your customers expect while safeguarding your bottom line.

See how Genesys tools make it simple to craft schedules and hiring plans that work for your business. Request a demo.

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