Create a single customer view with customer journey data

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Build an integrated repository of customer journey data

Aggregate customer data from any source

Bridge the operational and data silos within your organization. Provide a unified customer view across your contact center platform, data warehouse, customer data platform (CDP), marketing platforms and more.

Support data governance standards

Provide teams across your organization with quality customer data. Manage access to data sources and application capabilities using role- and team-based permissions to make sure everyone has what they need.

Increase analyst productivity

Reduce the time analysts have to spend performing complex aggregations and transformations every time they need to be able to answer a new question with an integrated customer journey data hub.

Transform customer data silos into journey data pipelines that fuel analytics, modeling and orchestration

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Agile data fusion

Say goodbye to having to transform all of your data to match a predetermined schema. Our agile data fusion™ approach lets you start with a few data sources and add more as needed so you can start to see results faster.

Autonomous identity resolution

No need to manually append a common identifier to each and every data source. Autonomous identity resolution™ joins events across common customer identifiers in real time as you add data to the journey data hub.

Scalable architecture

A purpose-built architecture provides compression, storage and retrieval of time-series journey data. And it provides room for your organization’s growth — you can easily scale up to billions of customer interactions with your brand per day.



of CX leaders say lack of consolidated data and analytics impacts their ability to deliver a seamless customer journey

“The State of Customer Experience,” Genesys, 2023

Power your entire organization with hundreds of customer journey data sources

Unify vast quantities of customer interaction data across operational systems, isolated databases, centralized data warehouses and customer data platforms. Gain the ability to analyze every interaction with your brand. Break down today’s customer data silos and provide a comprehensive view of each and every customer’s experience with omnichannel time-series data.

Unify customer journey data with a trusted source

Too often, potential customer data is stored in disparate, isolated databases, warehouses and platforms. Siloed data can’t get to the people who need it, when they need access to it. Connecting all the sources of data across your business is key. Integrated time-series data provides the foundation you need for a journey management approach.

A centralized reservoir of customer time-series data

Power real-time analytics, modeling and orchestration using the first headless journey data repository. The Pointillist Customer Journey Data Hub creates a scalable, centralized source of customer time-series data that supports mission-critical activities across even the largest enterprises.

The Pointillist Customer Journey Data Hub eliminates the need to perform complex aggregations or transformations to conform to a strict schema. Instead, you can quickly get up and running with the data you’re already collecting. Integrate data from the web, mobile apps, customer feedback management, speech and text analytics tools, and more.

Rapid cross-channel identity resolution

Autonomous identity resolution creates unified customer profiles in real time without requiring a single customer identifier across all data sources. So it works equally well if you already have a data warehouse, data lake or CDP.

Use email addresses, phone numbers, customer IDs, session IDs, cookie IDs and more to connect customer data into unified profiles. It even works with multilevel identifiers, like customer, account number and household ID. As new data streams into the Pointillist Customer Journey Data Hub, it automatically links previously anonymous behavior to known profiles.

Enterprise-grade data management and governance

It’s never been more important to be able to protect customer data, both for compliance purposes and for customer peace of mind. Data managers need to stay ahead of constantly changing regulatory compliance and data privacy requirements. This means having enterprise customer data management software that provides a high level of transparency.

The Pointillist Customer Journey Data Hub makes it easy to assess and monitor data quality. Data owners can rapidly audit, confirm lineage and trace issues with built-in and custom extracts. You can even manage access to data sources and application capabilities using role- and team-based permissions so the right people can access the right data when they need it.

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Frequently asked customer journey data management questions

What is customer journey data?

Customer journey data refers to the information collected about a customer’s interactions with a company across different channels and touchpoints. This can include data from website visits, social media interactions, call center interactions, purchases and more. This data can be analyzed to begin creating a customer journey map to visualize the best route from prospect to customer. It provides insights into customer behavior, needs and preferences.

How do you collect data from customer journeys?

There are various ways to collect data from customer journeys. This includes tracking website interactions, recording customer service calls, monitoring social media activity, analyzing purchase histories and conducting customer surveys. Digital tools and platforms like web analytics, CRM systems and customer feedback tools can help automate this data collection.