Serve customers quickly on digital channels with chatbots

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Use bots to automate conversations across channels

Provide better, faster customer experiences and greater self-service support with chatbots. Powered by the Genesys AI platform, bots allow contact centers to automate digital conversations with natural language understanding (NLU) so they can grasp customer intent. This leads to more intelligently orchestrated customer journeys that provide the right information — or direct queries to the right agents — at just the right moment.

Bots liberate agents and let customers serve themselves

Customer self service

Enhance customer self-service

Chatbots understand journey context and help customers use self-service across all digital channels. Customers can easily find information on their own with friendly bot support.

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Reduce cost per interaction

Let chatbots be the first point of contact for customers, reducing the need for agents to handle routine tasks. Bots address common questions fast — and that lowers costs.

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Improve agent efficiency

By containing common requests and providing context for escalated issues, bots help agents focus on high-value tasks, improving agent satisfaction and productivity.

Genesys chatbots are powered by Dialog Engine Bot Flows

Dialog Engine Bot Flows, our custom bot development platform, is a visual flow-builder that helps contact centers build bots for both voice and digital channels. And they can do this in a single place using the intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

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Build and deploy bots with ease

Contact center administrators and business users can easily and intuitively program digital and voice bot flows — no coding expertise required.

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Automate and personalize customer journeys

Add context that personalizes customer experiences. Genesys chatbots collect and validate customer information — or pull information from third-party systems.

Intelligent automated routing

Orchestrate bots across digital channels

Bots can be easily integrated with other digital channels and Genesys AI capabilities, such as web messaging and predictive engagement, to deliver seamless experiences.

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Use feature-rich bots that span digital channels

Create a conversational bot in no time

Making a chatbot takes less time than you might think. In under an hour, you can build a bot, equip it with a self-service option and make things like PCI-compliant bill payment easier for your customers.

Embrace natural language processing (NLP)

The beauty of modern bots is that they can communicate in very human ways. NLP enables both chatbots and voicebots to interact with humans naturally. This improves the customer experience without added strain on your agents.

Customize with customer context

Add context to customer experiences by connecting with an existing backend or third-party systems to deliver intelligently optimized service. Bots continuously learn with automatically labeled live customer data, so they’ll get smarter over time.

Build once, deploy across channels

Create AI-driven smart bots using an intuitive, drag-and-drop flow builder that’s equipped with built-in dialog management and natural language capabilities. Easily build and customize chatbots and voicebots within one interface.

Let customers self-serve

Take some pressure off your agents. Chatbots answer routine questions before escalating to an agent. And because bots use NLP, customer experience doesn’t suffer.

Count on bots with backup

Customers can engage with a chatbot first; Genesys AI knows when to hand off to a live agent. At that point, conversations move to a human — along with all interaction details. A seamless transition is vital to maintaining customer engagement.

You can bring your own bots

Our approach is centered around building an ecosystem for businesses in which they’re free to choose a bot platform and easily integrate it with our contact center solution. This ensures a seamless customer experience across bot and human touchpoints. Some of the leading bot platform providers that we partner with include:

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Google cloud
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Three ways chatbots improve customer experience

Three ways chatbots improve customer experience

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5 things to consider when building chatbots

5 things to consider when building chatbots

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