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Foster Loyalty Through Effortless Customer Journeys

To drive customer loyalty and increase new business opportunities, understanding the location of hotspots in the customer’s journey -- processes that cause frustration and inefficiencies – is essential. But CEB research indicates that while more than 80% of banks want to map and improve customer journeys, fewer than half are confident they can do it. And when efforts are made to understand the journeys, insights are traditionally based on the historical record of transactions -- a backward -looking, incomplete view.

CEB Principal Executive Advisor Nicole Sturgill and Genesys Business Consultant Mark Stanley share insight from extensive CEB research to discuss:

  • Which touch points customers value most in their bank interactions
  • How to recognize a customer who is showing signs of discontent and potential flight
  • How to ensure that everyone working with the customer – from agent to banker to expert – is fully informed and able to provide the highest level of personalized service
  • What can be gained from an omnichannel view of all of the customer’s interactions
  • The impact on the bank of providing what customers value most from their financial provider
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