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Deliver faster, better support from your startup call center

Take your startup’s customer service to the next level. Choose cloud contact center software that helps you provide faster, better service.

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Customer service and call center solutions that grow with your business

Whether you think of your company as a startup or a growing small business, you’re probably looking to the future. Eventually, you’ll outgrow that basic phone system. You’ll need an easy way to connect your service teams with your customers on the communication channels they prefer — like live chat, email and messaging apps.

It’s time for customer service that differentiates your business. Time and resources are precious in any company — especially a growing one. An all-in-one solution for voice and digital channels widens your reach to achieve the efficiency you need.

Deliver customer support that lets your business thrive

Connect, respond, react — all in real time — for business that moves at the speed of your customers. Take your customer support from phone to omnichannel capabilities with a polished, cohesive experience your customers (and employees) will love.

Increasing customer satisfaction

All-in-one tool

Your customer service agents need a tool that creates cohesive conversations. Eliminate communication silos and consolidate systems so everything’s less expensive and easier to manage. An all-in-one solution handles all your inbound and outbound communication needs.

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Power to grow

Small businesses have big plans. A modern cloud solution provides a technology platform that keeps you nimble, secure and ready for your next business milestone. You get consistent support at a predictable cost and the flexibility to add users and functionality when you need.

Get up and running in days

Simple administration

When you’re starting a call center, you need a solution that you can get up and running quickly — no developer required. Designed to be easy from deployment through customization, the Genesys Cloud CXTM call center equips your team to work smarter, not harder. Spin it up fast. Then integrate the tools you use most

Everything you need in a scalable contact center solution

Any channel

Meet your growing customer base on the platforms they use most. Send emails, chat with customers, connect on social media, and more — all from a unified call center desktop for ultimate cohesiveness.

Smarter automation

Maximize your team with native artificial intelligence (AI) and automation tools that help each team member perform at his or her best. Resolve more issues the first time around with call center software that helps your agents serve and shine.

Simple voice

Voice capabilities are an integral part of any customer service strategy. From IVR to voicebots that use natural language understanding (NLU), you get powerful tools that facilitate great conversations for higher customer satisfaction.

Integrations and apps

Easily integrate with your CRM platform and other mission-critical tools for seamless operations and better efficiency. Personalize customer experiences by integrating the data you already have and keeping your records up to date.

Communication and collaboration

Everyone plays a part in customer success. Unified communications built right into your call center software make customer support a team sport. Equip your agents to be problem solvers with collaboration tools that break down silos and speed up productivity.

Reporting and analytics

Get powerful data that helps your call center deliver better customer support. Easily spot trends and improve customer experiences with comprehensive dashboards that offer real-time data. Finally, get important customer service insights to push your company to the next level.


Bring the best of AI chatbots and human support together with Genesys DX™.

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Set up your startup call center

The Genesys Cloud CX platform was designed with your startup call center in mind. Now, you can grow faster and connect more easily with the customers that need your products or services.

See Genesys in action by requesting a free demo today. You’ll discover how our cloud contact center software can help you manage your startup’s change, simplify your customer service and give you time back to focus on what matters most.

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