Simplify debt collection management with Latitude by Genesys

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Make collections easy for your business

Automate your business logic

Create and deploy business logic and account flow strategies with business process automation. Get more precise control, higher productivity and increased collections.

Give agents the tools they need

An agent’s job is complex, especially when it includes collections. Make it easier with a browser-based application that’s intuitive to use and reduces the number of screens and complexity.

Avoid more compliance errors

Comply with local, international and federal laws through clearly defined, consistent account treatment with automated monitoring, updates, account processing and follow-up.

Powerful collections software with the features you need

Customize and configure

Get the flexibility needed to give your agents the information they need — customized just for them. Choose display data, configure work forms and add any number of custom panels.

Data exchange

Extract or ingest information from other systems or platforms with the Latitude Exchange, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool. This includes data warehouses, business intelligence platforms and more.

Configurable dashboards

Latitude by Genesys dashboards are easily configured to display the real-time statistics you need. Add input from scoring and modeling tools for a complete view of your operations and costs.

KPI portal

Give all your stakeholders visibility into operational metrics. The secure web portal offers anytime, anywhere access, while your administrator controls the parameters of what they can see.

Latitude Workflow

As accounts are processed, they automatically move to the next activity based on defined rules, policies and procedures — while enforcing business rules through robust workflow policies and permissions.

Pre-built integrations

Pre-built integrations let you work across multiple service providers. Easily manage mail generation, skip-trace functionality, payment processing and data enrichment.

Manage every collections process with confidence

From original collectors to debt buyers and third-party agencies, Latitude by Genesys makes collections easy. Systematically manage account assignment, segmentation and exception handling for any process — whether it’s collections, litigation or recovery.

With Latitude by Genesys, you can seamlessly optimize your agent resources, increase data quality and mitigate loss. Assess how your collections processes are performing across email, SMS, IVR and live agents. Then make strategic decisions based on insights, including managing account assignment, optimizing ROI and streamlining processes.

Solve accounts receivable challenges

From day one delinquency through charge-off and debt sale, Latitude by Genesys is the all-in-one solution for accounts receivable management.

Simplify the agent desktop

Debt collectors work faster and are more effective when all information is located in one collections platform. Eliminate the need to sign into disparate systems and unify your employee experience. With the right information, your agents can serve customers faster. And your team leads can even see what’s going on across your teams, whether internal or third-party.

Manage outsourced receivables with ease

Agency Interface Manager (AIM) provides first-party creditors and debt buyers a real-time dashboard on all activities across insourced and outsourced agencies. Easily compare performance to ensure your business is allocated to the most capable outsourced agency. Automate interactions with confidence knowing every step of the process is secure.

Explore readily available data and insights

Create a winning collections strategy. Access all information on every account and insights into your partners’ performance. Fully understand your inventory of accounts with user-friendly query and reporting tools, and configurable dashboards for data visualization. You can even make smarter business decisions using a rich bi-directional data bridge and integrations.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

Create better experiences with a complete view of customers’ current and historic collections records. Enable agents to use this information to better understand customer behaviors. They can identify unusual behaviors, such as paying all accounts except one. And they can even curate relationships with customers to protect future investment opportunities.

Control the entire customer journey with Genesys

Improve your accounts receivable productivity