Take control of your delinquent accounts

Your focus on the customer experience doesn’t stop as accounts move into early delinquency. That’s why Interaction Collector is designed as an adjunct to primary billing systems – and capable of managing the entire debt lifecycle from early-stage delinquency through post charge-off.

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Automate and customize workflows and processes

Interaction Collector’s drag-and-drop workflow design and easy-to-configure dashboards make collecting simple so you can get down to business. Easy to customize and easy to deploy, it increases operational efficiencies and offers expanded flexibility.

Interaction Collector makes your receivables operations more efficient and in turn, reduces errors and expedites processing so you can collect monies faster.

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Browser-based collector desktop


Interaction Collector’s browser-based collector desktop expedites deployment and dramatically simplifies maintenance. You can analyze accounts, pull reports and receive detailed, customized insight into your collections operations and all you need is Internet access.