You can't manage what you can't measure

Did you know that one third of companies have to pull data from six or more systems to produce the metrics they require? With so many disparate data sources, it can feel like an impossible challenge to get a complete picture of your contact center performance. If you can’t identify gaps in workforce performance, you can’t possibly begin to fix them. Having a consolidated view of performance, quality and customer feedback will prove your contact center is performing at optimal levels.

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Make closed-loop performance a priority in your contact center

PureCloud gives contact centers holistic visibility into workforce performance so they can identify performance gaps and effectively manage and track improvement.

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Multichannel Recording

PureCloud makes it easy to monitor the service quality your organization provides. It begins with stereo recording of calls so that agent and customer audio are maintained in separate channels. What’s more, it records emails, web chats, and other types of interactions, so you always have a complete picture of what happened. And, PureCloud’s policy manager allows you to determine how long recordings are stored.

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Quality Management

Keeping tabs on quality is key in delivering an effortless customer experience. PureCloud offers built-in performance dashboards for both agents and supervisors that will give them real-time performance and quality metrics at a glance.

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Performance Evaluations

PureCloud includes a built-in evaluation workflow that lets you create customized evaluation forms that supervisors can use to grade performance for feedback to agents. Agents can view their individual performance evaluations from within the agent dashboard.

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Workforce Management

PureCloud includes built-in workforce management capabilities that include forecasting and automatic scheduling across multiple skills and channels. Eliminate the cost and complexity of managing a separate WFM solution. The system ensures that you have the right staff and skills, at the right time, in order to meet service levels.

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PureCloud Solutions

Multichannel Routing

Do multichannel right. Customers use their channel of choice. The experience is consistent. Agents have one intuitive interface to deliver.

Speech-Enabled IVR

Let customers call and service themselves - speaking or pressing. If an agent is needed, it’s seamless. Setting things up is a breeze.

Reporting and Analytics

Understand and analyze contact center performance. Supervisors and agents access key insights to improve the customer experience.

Workforce Optimization

Boost the performance of your workforce and operate more efficiently. It’s one integrated toolset built right in: WFM, quality, surveys and more.

Outbound Campaigns

Execute dial modes and campaign tactics that drive better business outcomes. Agents can be blended. Compliance is assured.

CRM Integrations

Make the customer and agent experience equally seamless. Call controls go inside CRM interfaces. Information is shared. Deployment is painless.

Graphical Agent Scripting

Provide scripts agents love and customers don’t know are there. They’re simple to set-up and use. Content is dynamic. Compliance is met.

Social Channel Management

Allow agents to respond to social expressions from customers. The noise is filtered out. One engine and interface handles all channels.

We can’t say enough about the value our PureCloud® services have brought us – from improved service to increased efficiencies. It will certainly be a selling point in the future as we potentially expand the properties we service.

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