Streamline complex processes simply and smoothly

Our business process automation solution is delivered on an all-in-one platform for complete automation of customer-facing or back-office processes. An all-in-one platform means:

  • Communication interactions get built right into process flows for consistency across multiple channels and throughout the customer journey
  • A faster, easier, more cost-effective way to create your own process flows, reduce handling time, and gain visibility into your operations

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Enable your contact center to deliver improved customer experiences with:

  • A visual, intuitive design environment for rapid configuration of process flows
  • Built-in tools for designing intelligent end-user work items
  • Easy integration and information exchange with other business systems
  • A process orchestration engine that pushes work along the defined process flow
  • Intelligent routing that includes skills, prioritization, utilization, and user presence (availability)
  • Real-time monitoring for complete visibility into process and work activity
  • End-to-end tracking of all process steps, including communications interactions

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Case Study: ABC Financial

See how ABC Financial cut interaction handle time, improved service, and increases visibility into agent performance.

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