Optimize your operation and deliver better customer engagement

Successful contact centers are finely tuned operations with staffing and resources in balance with customer expectations. Creating annual budgets and planning workforce needs are critical, yet time-consuming tasks. If those plans are faulty, it can be hard to recover.

A strategic planning tool designed specifically for contact centers can help organizations make smarter plans and budgets. Accurate prediction of long-term operational performance taking into account the true impact of contact volumes, attrition, service levels, and other key factors, helps develop effective, yet efficient, staffing and service plans. The ability to continuously track variance from those plans allows for faster response to change, and ultimately a better customer experience.

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An accurate and detailed view into the future

Accurately predict future performance and reveal the operational impact of various scenarios and assumptions with Interaction Decisions. It streamlines and enhances the strategic planning process to help businesses make enlightened decisions and achieve optimal results.

Based on advanced simulation and analysis capabilities, this robust and flexible call center planning solution optimizes contact center resources and performance in order to ensure the right number of agents, are in the right place, at the right time, to deliver the service experience your customers expect.

Let sound data guide your workforce plans and customer service delivery

Contact centers generate a wealth of customer interaction data

Interaction Decisions gives access to clean, organized, readily-available data so you can answer operational what-if questions quickly and accurately:

  • What will call volume be next month? Next year? How will we manage seasonality?
  • When should we hire new agents? When should we use overtime?
  • What service level is most profitable for each customer type?
  • How can we deliver consistent service at the lowest cost?

Solving for these business challenges is complex

With Interaction Decisions, it is easier, faster, and more accurate:

  • Plan as often as you need to and improve your decision-making with automated processes for time-intensive tasks such as creating forecasts, budgets and capacity plans over weeks and even years
  • Accurately create staffing plans by channel type (calls, emails, chats) or workgroup to optimize your staffing efficiencies using simulation models with near 100 percent accuracy
  • Assess cost vs performance trade-offs with sophisticated what-if analysis that determines outcomes and risks associated with any staffing or interaction volume scenario or forecast
  • Achieve the best balance between hiring, overtime, and controllable shrinkage with prescriptive analysis using integer-programming techniques that create just-in-time hiring plans

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