US online adults say the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service is to value their time

- Forrester, “Trends 2016: The Future of Customer Service,” April 2016


U.S. adults surveyed say their call experience improves when service agents don’t sound like they’re reading from a script

- Software Advice survey, 2014

People hate call scripts because they waste time. You can change that


Time is our scarcest resource. Long, tedious scripts tell customers you don’t value their time and make agents feel like restricted robots. With the speed of change, static scripts are quickly outdated and hard to manage. Stop the madness! Ditch annoying, time consuming scripts. Improve the experience on both sides. Give agents dynamic real-time guides that empower them to personalize conversations and resolve issues quickly, all while addressing important legal and regulatory requirements.

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Call center scripting that agents love
and customers don’t know is there.

PureCloud offers built-in call scripting that brings out the best in your agents and gives customers what they want: swift resolution by a skillful human who cares.

It’s about time!

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Graphical editor for business people

Get a simple intuitive script builder that makes it easy for non-technical users to quickly compose and modify powerful real-time guides for agents. No more complexity - it’s hidden. Just point, click, drag and drop. No coding required. And what you see is exactly what agents will see. It’s that easy!

Single, modern agent experience

Allow agents to work faster with scripts built right into their core contact center application. The latest in web and social design makes the unified interface as easy, simple and fun to use as LinkedIn, Facebook and other consumer applications.

Dynamic contextual content

Give agents a contextual guide that progresses with the conversation. Provide dynamic prompts, data and suggestions to help speed resolution and make it easy to collect and update customer information along the way.

Simple and secure integration

Integrate with your CRM and other IT systems quickly and easily. Keep systems in sync with bi-directional data flow. All with a few clicks - no SQL queries required.

Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Protect the business by providing tightly scripted content when it’s absolutely necessary. Agents can just let customers know “I have to read this to you” to minimize frustration and avoid tainting the rest of the conversation.

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PureCloud Solutions

Multichannel Routing

Do multichannel right. Customers use their channel of choice. The experience is consistent. Agents have one intuitive interface to deliver.

Speech-Enabled IVR

Let customers call and service themselves - speaking or pressing. If an agent is needed, it’s seamless. Setting things up is a breeze.

Reporting and Analytics

Understand and analyze contact center performance. Supervisors and agents access key insights to improve the customer experience.

Workforce Optimization

Boost the performance of your workforce and operate more efficiently. It’s one integrated toolset built right in: WFM, quality, surveys and more.

Outbound Campaigns

Execute dial modes and campaign tactics that drive better business outcomes. Agents can be blended. Compliance is assured.

CRM Integrations

Make the customer and agent experience equally seamless. Call controls go inside CRM interfaces. Information is shared. Deployment is painless.

Graphical Agent Scripting

Provide scripts agents love and customers don’t know are there. They’re simple to set-up and use. Content is dynamic. Compliance is met.

Social Channel Management

Allow agents to respond to social expressions from customers. The noise is filtered out. One engine and interface handles all channels.