Jill Hundley

Jill Hundley is the Director of Brand Campaigns at Genesys. She's a versatile campaign manager who has worked for software, hardware and cloud technology B2B companies, including Genesys, Cisco Systems, Autodesk and Brocade, for 16 years. She has advised B2B and B2C technology start-ups in Silicon Valley and Toronto, Canada. Jill manages OOH advertising, brand global sports sponsorships (including activations), live Network TV and Cable TV advertising, radio, social, and digital media. She has managed the global corporate blog and social media channels for multiple companies. She has experience with buying media, creating the campaign content strategy, the media plan for audience targeting and employee engagement. With 16 years in technology marketing, Jill has amassed a wealth of knowledge in internet of things (IoT), cloud, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, SaaS, routing, services and security.

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