Embracing the power of cloud and AI

During the pandemic TOT was instrumental in delivering timely information and keeping anxious citizens and businesses connected. Since moving to Genesys Cloud™, the Thai service provider has also improved handling times and first-call resolution by augmenting human agents with voicebots.

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1-2 min reduction

in call handle times

Improved agent

readiness when assisting customers

Use of AI-enabled

voicebots and chatbots eases spike in call volumes

TOT Public Company Limited is a Thai state-owned telecommunications and digital services provider. Laying the foundation for telecommunications in Thailand for over 60 years, TOT has always strived toward customer experience excellence.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, TOT contact centers were witnessing two to three times the call volumes. As a service provider operating on behalf of the government, TOT had to manage the fragile balance between empathy and timely information with anxious citizens and businesses seeking clarity on government actions in response to the pandemic. Providing live agent services for every inquiry using their existing system was ineffective. Moreover, owing to health and social distancing measures, the company had to limit the number of agents at its contact center facility.

TOT needed a solution that could scale rapidly and optimize agent resources. The potential of cloud and AI-driven automation resonated with its goal to address the demanding situation. To ensure superior customer experience without compromise, TOT turned to the Genesys Cloud™ platform as the best fit to suit its needs.

Moving to the Genesys Cloud platform has improved call handling times, as TOT employees are now empowered with relevant information when assisting customers. Additionally, the partnership with Google to deliver an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual agent has overcome the issue of soaring call volumes and taken the mounting pressure off of agents. The virtual agent has helped increased first-call resolution rates by augmenting the tasks of human agents to ensure superior customer experience.

“During the spread of COVID-19, we found that the number of customer interactions increased two to three times than before. Genesys Cloud helps us in covering the extra volume of customer contact. We know we can’t keep adding agents in our contact center facility. For us, automation — like voice or chatbot technology — is part of the self-service modernization. With Genesys and Google Contact Center AI, we found that we could use technology, like text-to-speech and automated speech recognition, to deliver new content faster. Google Dialogflow and Genesys Designer help us create new chat and call flows without having all the traditional knowledge. With the new agent desktop, our agents can now work faster during and after customer conversations. We could save one to two minutes per call,” says K. Santhiphap Phoemmongkhonsap, Senior Director, Cloud and Digital, TOT Public Company Limited

At a glance

Industry: Telecommunications

Location: Thailand

Company size: Over 25,000 employees with 25 agents


  • Outdated contact centers
  • Siloed customer interactions channels
  • Inability to handle spikes in call volumes
  • Lack of digital channels