Protecting millions of children from abuse

As the UK’s leading children’s charity, aiming to protect children and prevent abuse, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has helped more than 10 million children over their long history. Services include Childline, there for worried young people who have nowhere else to turn, and the NSPCC helpline for adults who are worried about the welfare of a child or who have suffered historic abuse themselves.

The NSPCC relies on more than 1,300 part-time volunteers across 12 service centers to keep these services running. Answering every call is its top priority, but with volumes rising, an aging IT infrastructure made it increasingly difficult to meet that goal. Inability to link case management, resource planning and other back-office systems added to the challenge.

“Each service center comes online at different times of the week, so we have many short-shift patterns to manage,” said Ray Bilsby, CIO for NSPCC. “Also, with youngsters today preferring to use online tools rather than call, we wanted to extend reach and improve access by adding digital and social channels, while still keeping privacy top of mind.”

The charity embarked on its most complex technology challenge. Implemented by Connect Managed Services, the solution blends calls, email and webchat using the Genesys Multicloud CX™ product, integrated with Zoom recording and Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications.


  • Maximum uptime assured for helpline services
  • Improved access to counselors and supervisors
  • Better control and resource planning
  • Cost-effective platform for adopting new technologies

We wanted to extend reach and improve access to services by adding digital and social channels, while still keeping privacy top of mind.

Ray Bilsby CIO NSPCC


  • Optimize effort from volunteers and part-time resources
  • Provide more children with the support they need


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