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Clients of private German debt consulting company, eco24, have multiple needs and many related questions. But because of limitations with its previously existing communication systems, the company wanted to upgrade to a reliable, cloud-based and centralized communication solution. It needed to maintain a persistent overview of client requests, buffer sudden increases in communication volume and enable well-founded decision-making. The Genesys Cloud CX™ platform gave eco24 exactly what it required.

Because eco24 supports individuals in emergency situations, some desperate, and always involving serious obstacles, it must be a competent, reliable, efficient and time-driven partner. “No waiting” is one of its business tenets.

The same principle also applies to client communications — both inbound and outbound. “In all business areas, we had clearly reached our limits,” said Hans-Jörg Fadda, Managing Director, eco24.

And these limits appeared in several areas at once. For example, eco24 had already been using Salesforce as a key CRM application for some time. However, it couldn’t integrate Salesforce into its previous contact center solution. Furthermore, the previous software was out of date. And, because eco24 is growing rapidly, it needed a system that could scale quickly.

“Ultimately, the future viability of the new application was important to us. We didn’t want to change the provider again after 18 months because new functions could not be incorporated,” said Fadda.

“We chose Genesys Cloud CX because its fully cloud-based model appeared to be very promising for the future,” continued Fadda. The company is now using the Genesys Cloud CX platform in all departments — from service to sales. More than 50 users are equipped with it, 15 of whom are service employees.


  • Bundling all communication into a single solution
  • Three-month implementation phase
  • Easy integration with Salesforce
  • Lower costs for telephony
  • Improved scalability with cloud
  • Ability to integrate new capabilities quickly

With Genesys Cloud CX, we will be able to use all new functionalities from one central system from one provider, which is important to us.

Hans-Jörg Fadda, Managing Director, eco24 GmbH

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  • Lack of compatibility with Salesforce
  • No resilient reporting and lack of flexibility
  • Expensive telephony

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