Genesys Training Manager

Assure agents get the right training at the right time to improve customer experiences

Genesys Training Manager

Key features

  • Jointly assess employee, manager, trainer and room availability.
  • Automatically schedule activities at optimal times and publish to the Workforce Management platform.
  • Update activity plans automatically with LMS integration.
  • Capture activity attendance, completion and feedback electronically.
  • Select participants across queues, sites, teams, individually or by need.
  • Monitor progress in real-time, automatically reschedule and report on compliance.

Engaged, well-trained employees mean better customer experiences

If your business is like many others in today’s dynamic, fast-paced world, you face the dual challenges of keeping your employees engaged and your customers happy. Your employees are expected to manage a growing array of communication channels, each of which require different skill sets, while also staying up-to-date on current offers, product features and services. They are tasked with supporting your customers, who are increasingly well-informed and pressed for time. In addition, many simple transactions are now resolved via self-service, leaving your team to handle the more complex and challenging issues. However, providing your workforce with the consistent, timely training they need is often a difficult task.

Ensuring your team’s abilities are evaluated properly and are continually optimized to meet customer needs can be a constant and perplexing challenge. Performance assessments can be subjective and less than reliable. In addition, coordinating the scheduling of training activities is a tricky balancing act. It is a hit-or-miss manual process that often compromises business operations due to poor timing. What’s even worse–ever changing volumes and workforce coverage requirements often mean you must cancel and reschedule sessions or leave them half-empty. Further complicating matters is the high turnover rate that afflicts many businesses. This presents a double-edged sword in that the constant churn makes it difficult to keep up-to-date on employee skills; when your your staff lacks the skills and knowledge to properly handle customer requests, it quickly causes dissatisfaction and reduces morale.

Improve employee performance through timely, relevant training

With Genesys Training Manager, you can respond more quickly to changing business conditions. You have the ability to customize and assign training that takes into account workforce needs, service level impacts, employee schedules, and trainer and classroom availability. For example, if a certain employee’s handling times are slower compared to others on their team, you can use the single point of administration to automatically select and schedule training for a time that will have the least impact on the business.

Personlized, streamlined training reduces costs and enables effective service

Training Manager provides an optimal online view of training schedules, and can track and reschedule training for employees who miss their assigned courses. What’s more, you can link the solution to third-party learning management systems to push e-learning courses to staff at scheduled times that won’t interfere with other obligations. Scheduling training is no longer a manual and painful effort, but an automated and effective process.

As team members receive training, their skill sets are automatically updated in the database, enabling you to continually improve the distribution and handling of customer interactions and work activities. Because of this, the Genesys Training Manager solution you ensure the relevancy and accuracy of the employee skills database, so you can focus on providing the education and training that will keep your employees engaged and providing the best possible customer experiences.

The right training at the right time provides incomparable benefits

Improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction

Making sure employees are well trained about what to do and say translates into improved employee and customer experiences alike.

Ensure employees have the right skills and are handling the right interactions at the right times

Workforce scheduling and effective request-to-resource matching are optimized through updated skills data and more accurate forecasting of contact and service center activity.

Enable the team to provide the most efficient and effective service possible

Provide appropriate, timely training, including up-to-date information and relevant offer details.

Amplify performance and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

When the team has current knowledge and information it helps strengthen Average Handle Time (AHT), First Contact Resolution (FCR) and sales conversions and, ultimately, Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Boost employee morale and reduce attrition

Create personalized development plans, focused on each individual’s particular abilities and needs, to boost employee satisfaction and retention.

Increase the value of all team members–from the front office to the back office

All employees can be more accurately assessed and trained in case they are called upon to serve as a temporary workforce during peak periods. This also reduces the need to hire seasonal agents.

Genesys Training Manager capabilities

The Genesys Training Manager solution makes it easy to plan and schedule learning and activities to empower employees with the right skills, information and knowledge quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Unleash employee potential

The impact of Genesys Training Manager will be widespread throughout your business. You’ll experience benefits such as increased productivity and morale, lower costs and handle times, and improvements in first-contact resolution. Used in combination with the Genesys Workforce Management system and the Genesys Skills Assessor tool in a complete skills management strategy, the Genesys Training Manager solution is a key component of a continuous improvement process in which employee engagement and performance can be constantly assessed, analyzed and improved.

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