Genesys Skills Management

Genesys Skills Management

Executive Summary

Businesses around the world are faced with the challenge of differentiating themselves from their competition. Products and services are becoming commonplace or commoditized, making it difficult for businesses to find ways to provide unique value to their customers that will keep them coming back. Truly outstanding customer service is quickly becoming the defacto-differentiator when it comes to standing out in the crowd.

Genesys Skills Management is just the solution your business needs to be able to deliver outstanding sales and customer service. It helps you to drill down and specifically identify skills that correlate to improved business performance. Additionally, Skills Management helps to automate processes that enable you to gain operational efficiencies, such as lower employee turnover and higher retention. These benefits decrease hiring costs and ultimately improve employee productivity and engagement, resulting in improved customer experiences and better business.

Genesys Skills Management helps you make better use of your training budget because, instead of delivering “one size fits all” training, it helps identify where the knowledge gaps are for each employee. Armed with this information, your business can provide targeted training with automated processes that lower training costs and improve overall organizational skills. Genesys Skills Management is an integral part of the Genesys Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite. Genesys Workforce Optimization is a complete collection of integrated solutions that enable you to establish customer service targets, and to align planning, forecasting, scheduling, work assignments, quality assurance, training, and career development to ensure that employees are consistently and cost-effectively providing stellar service to your customers. Genesys Continuous Workforce Optimization offers a complete suite of integrated workforce optimization capabilities to accommodate omnichannel customer journeys and the multi-skilled, multichannel workforce.

Genesys Skills Management consists of the following applications:

  • Genesys Skills Assessor: Genesys Skills Assessor enables you to automatically correlate desired business performance and key metrics with the skills best suited to achieve those results. The impact is that you can specifically identify the skills and profiles of top performers, and provide training to increase the performance of all employees to achieve significant, measureable business results.
  • Genesys Training Manager: Genesys Training Manager automates the manual, time-consuming process of organizing training for employees. Training needs and employee availability are centrally administered and pre-integrated with Genesys Workforce Management, which helps to improve scheduling and minimize customer service impacts.

Solution Overview

Genesys Skills Management: Creating Alignment with Business Goals

Great companies understand that people are their greatest strength and longest lasting competitive advantage. They understand it’s not how one customer service representative responds to a situation, but how the entire company treats its customers.

All too often, however, the contact center is viewed solely as a cost center. And instead of focusing on customer service and problem resolution, many companies focus solely on the metrics of handle time, calls per hour, or calls per day.

You can begin to differentiate your sales and customer service by focusing on maximizing the value of each customer. For example, by improving employees’ listening skills, empathy skills, product knowledge skills, sales skills, and the other skills needed to provide great sales and service capabilities, you can achieve better customer service, higher first call resolution rates, and better bottom line business results.

Skills Management can greatly help in achieving alignment with business goals. Your business can define the skills needed, create skills assessments, measure the skills and gaps, maintain a centralized database of employee capabilities, automatically update a skills repository, and create customized training plans. With Genesys Skills Management, including Genesys Skills Assessor and Genesys Training Manager, you can lift the capabilities of all employees to a higher level—and not just for a single skill, but for all the skills that are needed to be effective.

The end result is more engaged employees and the kind of exceptional service that keeps customers coming back.

A Look at the Details

Genesys Skills Assessor

Genesys Skills Assessor is a key component of a closed-loop process in which agent skills can be constantly assessed, analyzed and improved.

With Genesys Skills Assessor, you can identify which skills are needed to enable desirable customer experiences, and then create consistent methods for assessing those skills. Whether it’s a new hire or a long-term employee, Genesys Skills Assessor can provide a consistent and fair methodology for skills assessment.

Additionally, skills are aggregated into a centralized skills database. This centralized repository provides the company with an enterprise-wide view of skills, and enables more accurate assessments of employees’ performance. Further, it enables managers, trainers and HR staff to identify skill gaps and correct them in the most efficient manner possible. This is particularly valuable for multi-site enterprises and companies with geographically dispersed service locations.

Once employees have completed their scheduled assessments, results are stored. Information can also be imported from other sources such as Human Resource applications, CRM systems, or Performance Management systems. Skills Analysis can then show visual correlations between business performance (such as sales, customer satisfaction, handle time) and skills. For example, management can determine whether a training course really does increase first call resolution rates, or if soft-skill training really does improve customer satisfaction ratings in surveys.

Genesys Skills Assessor provides invaluable business insights and enables you to proactively identify and address skill gaps while also maximizing training resources. This can include pushing out assessments structured as brief tests—in formats ranging from videos to multiple-choice quizzes to long-form essay questions—that enable the system to accumulate insight into agents’ current skills and potential deficiencies. Additionally, Genesys Skills Assessor can deliver “knowledge nudges” as learning reminders after training has been completed.

In the customer service center, skills and capabilities can be easily updated, allowing skills-based routing algorithms to immediately use an agent’s new skills. This allows the business to match work, contacts and customer prioritization to the employee who can provide the best service possible. The result is lower handle times, increased first call resolution rates, and higher levels of customer satisfaction and employee morale.

Genesys Skills Assessor also facilitates the deployment of skills and reinforcement of newly acquired skills. For example, new agents who have just received introductory training and successfully completed their evaluations can be updated quickly and have the right level of work directed to them, reinforcing what they just learned with practical work.

Furthermore, the ability to assess skills is not limited to customer service. Genesys Skills Assessor enables your organization to create skills DNA profiles for each job role, product, or service line. From IT staff to software engineers to customer service agents, you will know what the must-have and nice-to-have skills are, who has those skills, and be able to match the right employee with your customers’ needs.

Genesys Training Manager

Organizing training for employees can be a resource-intensive operation with a lot of manual administration. This is especially true for larger organizations or organizations that have frequent updates and changes in product portfolios, pricing structures, and processes.

Genesys Training Manager is a productivity tool that automatically schedules training to occur at the most optimal time, with the least impact to the business. It helps to improve employee training and employee performance by creating customized training plans that account for agents’ needs, and service level impacts, as well as the availability of agents, trainers, and classrooms. It also provides an optimal online view of training schedules, and can automatically track and reschedule training for agents who miss their courses.

Genesys Training Manager facilitates and bridges communications with workforce planners and your training department. It allows training to happen at a time that is ideal from a workforce perspective, balancing the needs of enterprise customer service with those of the training department. Genesys Training Manager is integrated with Genesys Workforce Management, enabling you to automatically build, schedule, and manage multiple agent training plans within the master schedule, taking into account the impact on customer service levels.

What’s more, Genesys Training Manager can be linked to learning management systems, enabling eLearning courses to be pushed to agents at scheduled times, making it easier for employees to get the instruction they need and comply with training requirements.

Solution Benefits

Genesys Skills Management provides extremely practical operational savings such as:

  • Increased sales
  • Better customer service
  • Improved use of training budgets
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Reduced recruitment costs

There are also softer benefits that include improved employee morale, faster onboarding of new agents and employees, and improved efficiency via automated training processes. Employees will gain better insights into their performance and understand exactly what they need to do and learn to move to the next level in their career.

Genesys Skills Management is a win-win solution. It’s good for employees and great for the business!

Examples of Genesys “In Action”

A leading Internet service provider wanted to increase sales and looked to Genesys Skills Assessor as a possible solution. They created two groups of equally skilled agents with similar sales results. One group used Genesys Skills Assessor and the other group did not. The end result was that agents in the Genesys Skills Assessor group sold over 100 percent more than the agents who didn’t for the same product in the same time period.

A leading telecom provider in the UK recently implemented Genesys Skills Assessor. The business concluded that Genesys Skills Management helped them to reduce training by 5,500 hours and to save nearly $155,000. Additionally, by focusing the training on the mid to lower quartile of agents, they were able to reduce repeat calls by 10 percent, saving the company nearly $4,650,000 annually. They also concluded that they avoided nearly $775,000 in training costs by being able to pinpoint training needs before providing unnecessary training.

A leading Australian service provider implemented an integrated Genesys Skills Management, Genesys Workforce Management, and Genesys Enterprise Workload Management solution across 250 agents in two countries. The combined solution enabled them to efficiently determine training needs, schedule training without negatively impacting customer satisfaction levels, and optimize the routing of work and interactions across a larger pool of agents. The solution saved them 50 percent in training time and reduced transferred calls by over 25 percent, as well as improved first call resolution rates.

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