What’s New with the Genesys PureConnect App in First-Half 2019

Every business looks for ways to improve customer experience. It has become a primary differentiator for all of us in this age of artificial intelligence (AI). And there are many ways to achieve that differentiation. That’s why the Genesys® PureConnectTM application is more than an all-in-one solution — right out of the box. New enhancements reduce complexity and give you the flexibility to evolve with constantly changing expectations, in whatever way makes sense for your business.

Here are a few highlights of recent innovations in the PureConnect product, with many more on the way. Please note: If you’re running PureConnect R1 for 2019, some of these enhancements require moving to PureConnect R2. Check with your Genesys account rep for details.

The Power of Orchestration

Much of our latest news on PureConnect is around orchestration. This enables you to coordinate channels and AI-powered customer journeys easily and consistently.

  • Engage with customers at the right time. Now you can track and analyze customer website behavior and identify the best moment to engage. You can increase conversions by more than 4%, improve Net Promoter Score by 16% and reduce cost per lead by up to 60% with Genesys Altocloud capabilities, new to the PureConnect solution.
  • Bot orchestration with Intelligent Automation lets you orchestrate multiple chatbots and voicebots with natural language understanding (NLU) engines, including the native Genesys solution, Dialog Engine. Third-party integrations include Amazon Lex, IBM Watson and Google Dialogflow. With others, like Microsoft, coming soon. We also offer a Build Your Own workshop to walk you through how to build a bot in half a day.

Omnichannel Experience

When we talk orchestration, it’s always about omnichannel, which represents multiple points of contact that are growing rapidly. And so is our support for them.

  • Improved omnichannel desktop with Interaction Connect – Genesys Widget Configuration lets you easily configure and personalize web widgets using our powerful framework on the Interaction Connect desktop. Extend widgets to callbacks or push promotions out.
  • Enhanced self-service with Genesys Intelligent Automation – Now you can streamline operations and coordinate your media across channels and devices, using Genesys Intelligent Automation.

Support for Your Workforce

Employees always have other options. Give them modern tools and support to be more effective and happier at their jobs.

  • AI-driven forecasting. The PureConnect solution looks at your data beyond voice. It anticipates volume and types of interactions so you can do faster and more accurate forecasting. And this speeds outcomes by 60% through automation of a typical forecasting process. New capabilities include time-series analysis, outlier detection and more.
  • CX Insights give you analytics and data visualizations to view and manage dashboards so agents can make faster and better decisions. It’s also easier for supervisors to monitor what’s happening in real time — with 11 new workgroup dashboards. Plus, new historical IVR dashboards help supervisors and managers understand and optimize what’s happening when customers first engage with your organization.

Coming Soon

With APIs, we’re adding one-way audio streaming that’s now in early adopter phase. The PureConnect app will let you stream audio in real time to a third-party endpoint, such as an agent-assist product, voice biometrics or Nuance. Reach out to your account rep for more information.

Whether you’re on-premises, in the cloud or making the transition, the PureConnect solution has a robust set of tools that connect your conversations with customers, improve workforce engagement and boost your business outcomes overall.

View our on-demand webinar for more details on PureConnect enhancements and updates to the entire Genesys portfolio.