Genesys Summer Release: What’s New and What’s Next

As with so many situations in life, asking the right questions makes all the difference.

This certainly applies to the customer experience industry – especially today as we explore how we can best use the incredible power of artificial intelligence (AI) to make an immeasurable impact not only on contact center operations – but also on overall business health.

Transforming Customer Experience with AI

The significance of AI’s contributions in business is real. Yes, we can truly leverage its potential to help generate additional sales, increase revenue, convert a higher number of leads and more. But, where do we start to get those kinds of results?

Well, we start by identifying the high-value questions. Like this one: who is the best contact center resource to 1) engage with a particular customer and 2) most likely to achieve a specific, targeted business goal? Using this question, we can apply an AI algorithm to drive dynamically and efficiently toward the answer. This is the basis of Genesys Predictive Routing.

Our Predictive Routing uses AI to uncover the answers that enable businesses to deliver the sales, marketing and service outcomes they want. That includes higher customer satisfaction, increased employee efficiency and decreased costs to better collections and revenue, reduced handle times, and improved first contact resolution (FCR).

Again, the really intriguing thing about this is that it all started with a question. And now, Genesys has one of the first and few AI-driven routing engines in the world. It’s the only native, fully integrated solution of its kind in the market.

The Summer Release: Hundreds of New Features

The question I hope you’re asking right now is: how do I get Predictive Routing? We don’t need AI to answer that question! It’s available now as part of the Genesys Summer Release. This release is the first of two major market releases we’re delivering this year.

In addition to Predictive Routing, the Summer Release includes hundreds of new feature enhancements across PureCloud®, PureConnect™ and PureEngage™ such as:

  • Genesys Hub: New Genesys API integrations for asynchronous messaging apps from major providers allow businesses to connect with consumers on this emerging channel.
  • SMS Aggregation: Native to Genesys, this outbound SMS messaging option increases efficiency by eliminating the need for a third-party aggregator.
  • Dialog Engine: With natural language processing to detect intent, analyze sentiment and manage dialog, Genesys enables human agents and AI to work together seamlessly for improved conversation quality and reduced costs.

Building Tomorrow’s Innovation Today

Of course, there’s even more to come. We’re taking Kate, our Blended AI platform, to the next level. Language understanding, dialog management, behavior prediction and next-best-action capabilities are already among the AI services we deliver. But in true Genesys fashion, we continue to ask complex questions that push us to deliver more innovative AI solutions than ever before.

For example, when does it make sense to engage Marketing? Sales? Service? Leveraging AI and journey analytics from our recent acquisition, Altocloud, we’re enabling businesses to observe and analyze how customers use available channels to interact with them. Then, using AI, businesses can identify when and how best to engage with customers to help them achieve their goal. Businesses gain a more dynamic way to drive better business results while consumers get a richer, more personalized experience.

Or, consider this question: how can cognitive agents detect customer intent and respond with an answer that creates a deeper interaction?

You’ll have to stay tuned to learn more, but rest assured, it’s coming – and you can bet AI will be the engine that delivers the answer.

So, I’ll leave you with one question: what’s the next burning business challenge we can ask AI to answer? Drop me a line @PeterGGraf and let me know.