Genesys and ServiceNow: The Power of a Unified Experience

It’s no secret that delivering exceptional customer experiences is a cornerstone of success for organizations across industries and around the globe. However, when it comes to providing outstanding experiences, a fundamental challenge many organizations face lies in the siloed nature of their operations. There are disconnected front- and back-office operations, disparate customer service solutions, and disjointed data — all leading to fragmented customer experiences, a disengaged workforce and increased costs.

Today, from the ServiceNow Knowledge 24 event, Genesys and ServiceNow have announced a strategic partnership to address these critical challenges, enabling organizations to deliver exceptional, personalized customer and employee experiences. With our combined solution, Unified Experience from Genesys and ServiceNow, a native integration of the Genesys Cloud™ platform with ServiceNow Customer Service Management platform, organizations will be able to unify customer service teams through a single desktop, centralize routing across departments and channels, and optimize workforce engagement for more personalized customer experiences and simplified employee experiences.

ServiceNow is an AI platform for business transformation which can proactively identify issues and automate cross-department workflows, along with native agent experiences and self-service capabilities. Genesys is a leader in AI-powered experience orchestration, and our conversational, generative and predictive AI deliver personalized, end-to-end experiences at scale through a full suite of capabilities, including customer engagement channels, journey management and workforce engagement management capabilities. Bringing our platforms closer together will give our customers choice and flexibility as they work to elevate their customer and employee experiences.

Customers expect more than just a “transaction” with an organization. They require personalized experiences that align with their individual preferences, desires and unique profiles. Organizations need to be able to leverage data and analytics as well as AI recommendations to gain deeper insights into their customers’ behaviors and preferences. With Unified Experience from Genesys and ServiceNow, organizations will be able to not only deliver personalized experiences, but also anticipate needs, proactively address issues and even deliver personalized recommendations that drive customer loyalty.

Beyond enhancing customer experiences, this integration between Genesys and ServiceNow can play a critical role in optimizing workforce engagement. By providing agents with a clear, centralized view of customer interactions, insights and data, enterprises will be able to empower their teams to deliver the personalized experiences that customers expect. This will lead to increased employee satisfaction, reduced churn and, ultimately, a culture of accountability and collaboration with a focus on the customer.

Through the deepened collaboration between Genesys and ServiceNow, we will be able to accelerate value for joint customers through this natively integrated solution and closer go-to-market strategy. The integrated capabilities will roll out beginning in Q4 of 2024. Today, organizations can access the Genesys Cloud ServiceNow Connector that’s available on the ServiceNow Store and Genesys AppFoundry® Marketplace.

We’ll talk more about this important partnership next week at Xperience 2024, where I’ll be joined on stage by ServiceNow executives to demonstrate the power of our combined solution.