I’m Dmitry, the IT tsar

The more systems I have in my business, the more pain I feel whenever I hear the word “upgrade.”

My last job had Microsoft tools and a custom SQL database, and this one has Salesforce—the tools keep changing, and expectations keep rising for reliability and access.

Every time we update one of our key applications, it causes a cascade of issues with everything that touches it. Sometimes even systems that don’t directly connect start to get errors from second-hand bad data, too. It’s nearly always a long, long weekend when we make changes and end up troubleshooting problems and fixes.

PureCloud All-In-One Cloud Solution Integrations
And lately, nobody wants to even give us a window where we can shut down and install updates.

Now we’re on PureCloud, and I’m starting to really like cloud tools

Powerful data syncing

I was worried that PureCloud was going to be just like my other cloud tools. It would work well in a limited way, but I’d have trouble getting other functionality to work with it, or inside it.

But PureCloud is different. I quickly found the permissions and roles were easy to use, and I could create custom roles and accounts for other systems I wanted to sync. The integrations are built-in with simple, but powerful wizards that step you through adding connections, with test buttons to check changes before they are live.

Get a connected customer experience ecosystem

When you configure another system, PureCloud pulls the data structures from the other system and puts them in a wizard. You see the names of the fields you already know, and you decide which direction the data is copied. So, you can choose to only show data in PureCloud with no edits allowed by users. Or sync both ways so PureCloud users can fix their own data, or sync once from the other system to allow fixes in PureCloud that don’t break your older systems. And yes, we found some issues with our Active Directory data right away.

PureCloud Connected Customer Experience Ecosytem
PureCloud All-in-One Platform Directory

Features employees love

It turns out that most of the people who work with us care a lot about keeping their own data up to date. PureCloud makes it easy for them to change their contact info, pictures, history, etc. PureCloud lets us choose field by field whether to enable user changes—way easier than handling a hundred small data update tickets a week for HR!

Make life easier by creating a path for the future

It turns out that the collaboration tools in PureCloud are great for IT support. The built-in chat, file sharing, video chat and screen sharing solve most IT user issues without a trip!

Those guys at PureCloud keep everything online, including a real-time status view that helps me quickly reduce finger-pointing when we have to debug user-reported issues.

Continuous delivery and innovation

Continuous deployment has been another big win. I never have to update PureCloud—they’re testing and pushing small changes all the time, and their online documentation  is always current, so no questions about versions and patches. They protect my existing connections with their API approach so I don’t worry (well, worry as much) about integrations going away.

Open integration platform

Now that we have more time in IT, we’re going to download a couple of the open-source GitHub projects for PureCloud and look at adding more data, and even some custom forms inside the agent views.

Webhooks is a feature that a couple of our previous cloud apps had, but we’ve never really used it. It lets you add notifications in a chat room—so when a customer order reaches a certain status in Salesforce, we can show it as an event in chat for the order processing team (and the c-level chat, and the sales management chat too...).

Save us from the death of a thousand passwords

Man, our people really hate having to sign in again and again during the day

PureCloud can connect through common external SSO systems. But we can also use it as our main SSO solution because they have a full bi-directional OneLogin server built in. We’re using PureCloud as our SSO hub to log into all the other systems that our support folks need, and I can control who has access at one central point. I can even kick somebody off the island if I need to, and doing so will remotely wipe any PureCloud app data off their mobile devices.

Adding customer data into PureCloud

PureCloud already pulls together all the different types of customer sessions (calls, chats, emails, blah, blah, blah) and knits them into a consolidated history for each customer. Their cloud-powered search is used on all the data for our company—it sometimes finds relationships we didn’t think we had.

The tools are there to put even more information from other systems into customer views—such as shipping data, order data or even website journey history.

PureCloud All-in-One Platform Customer Data

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