Transportista terrestre de carga consolida las operaciones de su contact center

Founded in 1985, Celadon Group, Inc., a leading North American transportation and logistics company, provides regional and long-haul freight services in the United States, Canada and Mexico. With more than 2,800 drivers and revenues exceeding $ 1 billion, the company operates with 3,000 trucks and 8,500 trailers. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Celadon is known for its management quality, which includes a technologically advanced fuel efficient fleet and proactive environmental care initiatives.

To improve communication between drivers and their bosses, Celadon was looking for a solution that would allow him to deliver calls from drivers directly to his bosses. They also needed to have multiple layers of business logic in order to distribute the calls of the drivers to the best qualified boss within an associated fleet. Celadon turned to Genesys for help.

Nos decidimos por Genesys ya que tienen un producto superior y una conexión local. Fue la elección natural.

Mike Gabbei, Director de Sistemas, Celadon


  • Capacidad de enrutamiento restringida
  • Gran cantidad de colas en silos y números gratuitos
  • Acceso limitado a la información de los conductores
  • Falta de reportes consolidados


  • Digital
  • Inbound
  • Omnichannel Desktop
  • Analytics
  • Integración con CRM