What is an automatic call distributor (ACD)?

An automatic call distributor (ACD) is a telephony software system that answers incoming calls and routes them to a specific agent or department within a company. The system intelligently routes a call to the most appropriate agent based on the caller’s needs.

How Genesys can help

When you route calls to agents who don’t have the proper skills, customer experience suffers. Customers have to move through multiple queues, sit on hold and repeat their issues with each new touch point. This conveys that you don’t value your customers’ most precious resource — their time.

ACD software helps your inbound call center avoid these mistakes. With skill-based and intelligent routing, calls follow a logical path. You save customers time. And, because agents connect with the customers they’re best suited to help, your teams are more productive.

Successful customer experiences hinge on effectively managing communications across all those channels. With an ACD from Genesys, you can follow the conversation anytime, anywhere.

Boost business with an ACD that’s simple and powerful — and includes:

  • Built-in IVR with speech recognition
  • Skills-based routing and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered routing
  • Simple integrations

See how your call center can use ACD with skill-based and AI-powered routing to boost revenue, reduce handle times and improve customer experience.

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