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What is an automatic call distributor (ACD)?

The Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a technology investment to improve your company’s communication and customer service systems.

With advances in communications technologies like smartphones and user-friendly apps, companies must improve their customer service technology to offer top-notch service. Companies invest in an ACD to reduce wait time and responses to customers, by using automation and artificial intelligence (AI). The ACD uses built-in Integrated Voice Recognition (IVR) with speech recognition, so the system can respond appropriately to customers’ phone entries.

How ACD adds value to your customer service

An ACD is a telephony software system that answers incoming phone calls and routes them to a specific agent or department within a company. The system uses intelligent routing and AI to reduce customer wait time — routing a customer to the right agent faster.

The main role of the ACD is to value your customers’ time. The ACD reduces the amount of time customers spend sifting through menu options and queues to get their needs met. They no longer need to wait on hold for 10 to 15 minutes for answers.

The foundation of the ACD is rooted in AI, a computer system that recommends the next steps to the customer, based upon the customer’s entries in the phone menu options. One key aspect is skills-based routing, which connects a customer to an agent with the most appropriate skills to meet their needs.

AI and skills-based routing can save time for agents and, ultimately, improve productivity. Skills-based routing saves customers time, instead of using First-In-First-Out routing, where the customer is connected to the first agent who’s available but who might have to transfer them to another agent.

How ACD improves and expands your communication system

The ACD helps your company connect with customers in several methods and applications. The inbound call center is one way to connect with customers through the phone system — making sure calls are routed to the appropriate agent. This is a primary way for customers to connect with your company.

The ACD integrates other methods into your contact center, such as email, chat or messaging. This offers customers several ways to get help, making customer service easily accessible. When you give customers several options to contact your company, they can contact your company when it’s convenient for them.

Other options like chat and messaging provide additional ways to track customer interactions. Giving customers several options to connect with your company improves productivity and response time. And you can integrate the ACD into your company’s CRM system to further enhance the experience for your customers and agents.

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