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What is a voice platform?

A voice platform executes the commands and logic specified by a voice application, provides speech processing capabilities (e.g., speech recognition, text-to-speech, voice authentication) and enables application creation. They also interface with back-end systems (e.g., databases, CRM applications, legacy systems) and call center infrastructure (i.e., computer telephony integration), and provide system management and administration capabilities.

As an example, a platform similar to Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri can answer simple questions, control smart devices and help users make purchases.

How Genesys can help

Use of new communication channels continues to grow, but the voice channel still remains important in customer service. The Genesys Voice Platform provides high-performance call processing and media services for the development of next-generation voice applications in customer service. It can also extend self-service beyond the traditional IVR application by integrating with other communication channels, such as chat or email, to carry context and provide a seamless omnichannel experience.

The Genesys Voice Platform, a single solution for all of your telephony needs, offers the following benefits:

  • DIY administration – Purchase, provision and manage your Genesys Cloud CX voice services anytime, anywhere, with a simple-to-use web interface
  • Scale your communications – Eliminate complex capacity planning and unnecessary expenses to support peak call volumes
  • Pay for what you use – Simple and straightforward payment through usage-based pricing has no channel limits, no minimum commitments and a flexible month-to-month contract.

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