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What is a trunk?

A trunk is a communication line or physical link, such as a wire or optical line, designed to carry multiple signals simultaneously. A trunk provides network access between two points. They often connect switching centers in a communication solution.

How Genesys can help

For some contact centers, the move to a new platform introduces SIP trunking or VoIP — a massive change from the traditional real-time voice transport technologies. To ensure a smooth transition for the call center, IT must ensure both the telecom vendor and internal staff are prepared to operate in a SIP trunking or VoIP environment. If not, it becomes a struggle to effectively manage the quality of service over networks for real-time communication.

To avoid SIP trunking or VoIP issues when moving to a new platform:

  • Ensure you have the right stakeholders and subject matter experts in place on your project team
  • Determine if your company’s network is compatible with your move
  • Work together to provide a clear path forward for implementation
  • Set expectations and get ready to go live

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