Genesys PureConnect Interaction Recorder

Improve customer experience and manage compliance

Genesys PureConnect Interaction Recorder

Deliver on business objectives

To improve customer experience, compliance and employee performance, interaction recording is essential for every modern customer service organization. Through Genesys® PureConnect™ Interaction Recorder, customer service operations can record interactions easily and cost-effectively, enabling you to identify training needs and continuously improve quality and employee performance.

Increase first contact resolution and ensure compliance

Connecting customers with well-trained and knowledgeable contact center agents who can answer questions effectively or resolve a problem on the spot increases first contact resolution and delivers a better customer experience. Analyze recorded interactions to identify and remedy potential root causes for missed first contact resolution.

Ensuring regulatory compliance begins by recording all interactions and every part of the conversation—even if it is a multisite conversation. When resolving a customer complaint or dispute, you need to find the relevant recorded interaction quickly. The Genesys PureConnect Interaction Recorder ensures you record 100% of interactions and quickly retrieve them when necessary.

Lower total cost of ownership through integrated approach

Interaction Recorder is fully integrated with the PureConnect contact center platform. A simple licensing file is all that’s needed to activate the solution. Your customer service organization benefits immediately because configuration and administration are done through one platform. And you can streamline file management and archiving with intuitive categorization and policybased recording. Single sign-on and role-based access ensure that only authorized employees can view recorded interactions. And because Interaction Recorder is software-based, you can reduce costs by eliminating expensive proprietary recording hardware.

Extend the value of your recorded customer interactions

Many organizations use recordings for more than compliance and quality monitoring to add value to the investment.

When used with the real-time speech analytics capabilities of the PureConnect Interaction Analyzer, alerts are sent about potentially problematic interactions, allowing supervisors to intervene, as needed, to create positive outcomes.

Supplement new employee training programs with real interactions—a great way to let new employees experience the right and wrong way to handle interactions.

Recordings help determine where process improvements are needed to enhance the customer experience.

Get the the most out of workforce engagement management

Interaction Recorder is one of several PureConnect workforce management (WFM) applications aimed at enhancing performance to achieve operational goals. The PureConnect WFM app provides feature-rich functionality for multichannel interaction recording, quality management and workforce management, along with strategic planning, customer feedback and real-time speech analytics.


Improved customer experience

  • Record the end-to-end customer experience to identify training opportunities
  • Evaluate audio and screen recordings to identify contact center agent or process delays
  • Reduce time to resolve customer disputes

Reduced administration costs

  • Streamline administration using one solution for interaction routing and recording

Reduced deployment costs

  • Native solution uses existing Genesys PureConnect platform infrastructure

Reduced penalties and fines

  • Record 100% of customer-agent conversations to meet compliance and regulatory requirements

Key features

  • Real-time monitoring
  • PCI-DSS compliance
  • Export recordings
  • Archive recordings
  • Single desktop interface
  • Encryption (256-bit AES)
  • Omnichannel recording
  • Screen recording
  • Rules-based policy recording
  • Multisite recording
  • Search and retrieve

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