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Let’s talk quality assurance

Your quality practices are the key to compliance and customer experiences. Automated quality management tools can help you mitigate risk and drive business growth — without the hassle. See how it’s done.

Set up an evaluation

Your admins need simple tools to manage evaluations. Simplify your quality process management with a user-friendly evaluation form view. Easily create new forms or use predefined ones.

Automate an evaluation assignment

By setting up policies, you can manually or automatically assign evaluations with ease. Simply set parameters, such as review sessions per month, interaction type and more to route evaluation tasks. And when evaluations need extra support, escalate them with the simple click of a button.

Evaluate assigned interactions

Make it easy to keep pace with assigned evaluations. Notify reviewers of new evaluation tasks in the quality evaluator tab or via their inbox. Accessing an evaluation takes just one click

Perform an evaluation

While completing an evaluation, you can play back the interaction itself. Or review the interaction timeline and, if available, transcription and speech and text analytics elements — all within one view.

Complete the evaluation

Dive deeper in your evaluation with specific details, including interaction type, duration, participants and more. Get the context you need to ensure your evaluation is thorough and accurate. Then, complete the interaction.

Notify your agents

Your agents will receive alerts as interaction evaluations are completed and released. It’s easy to review and acknowledge findings from these interactions, ensuring they’re always up-to-date and ready to provide the best service.

Take control of your quality processes

Getting started is easy. Simply request a demo today to see how quality assurance and monitoring can improve your customer experience.