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Genesys Performance DNA

Help every employee be the best they can be

Numerous studies prove that having happy and engaged employees directly correlates to success—for your employees and your business. Ensuring that employees are successful should be a top priority for every organization.

Setting up employees for success from Day One has a profound and positive effect on their happiness and engagement, and it contributes to all important metrics across your business. The first step is to define the precise skills, knowledge and attributes needed for each role so that you hire the right person for the role with confidence. Because critical skills are scarce and in high demand, you’ll must manage employee performance in a way that delivers happy and successful employees over the long term.

This is particularly important for customer-facing employees. Products and services are fast becoming commonplace or commoditized, often making customer service the only differentiator among competitors. Additionally, consumers are better informed and they have higher expectations of sales and service quality—no matter how or when they choose to contact you.

To deliver magnificent customer experiences, you need happy and competent employees—with precisely the right skills, knowledge and attributes needed to succeed long term. Not only does employee churn increase costs for the company, including overtime, recruitment and induction training, it also affects the customer experience. Often, organizations with high churn rates have employees who are less knowledgeable because of shorter tenures; these companies are less likely to invest in training and development—key motivators and drivers of employee engagement.

So, while it is true that happy employees equal happy customers, it is more true that happy employees equal longer tenure. Add appropriate training and development for the employee expertise that ultimately creates happy customers.

This is exactly where Genesys Performance DNA fits.

Take performance management to new heights

Genesys Performance DNA is a unique employee performance management solution. It enables you to correlate business performance with employee skills, knowledge and attributes to deliver optimal business outcomes.

Explore and visualize great performance through assessments and correlation analysis. More importantly, discover which skills, knowledge and behaviors comprise top performers among your employees. Armed with this valuable information, generate blueprints by roles showing what great performance looks like, define the optimal KPIs for those roles and focus on performance improvements that make biggest differences.

Genesys Performance DNA integrates with more enterprise systems than other performance management solutions, which fall short because they can’t access and interpret data, No other performance management solution integrates with so many enterprise systems. Unlike solutions that can only tell you how employees are doing, Performance DNA tells you what actions to take to achieve great performances—employee by employee.

Access relevant performance data from all available sources, including contact center data, customer surveys and HR systems, to understand how each employee performs against their role blueprint, and identify any skills gaps.

Provide individualized training and coaching plans on a next-best-action basis for each employee, avoiding an expensive one-size-fits-all approach and getting the best out of every individual. These plans can be scheduled automatically in your workforce planning application during existing downtime—limiting any effects on operations.

Employees will understand what is required of them to be successful and know what it takes to advance their careers. You can also easily compare groups, sites, business lines and even outsourced operations. Analyze and compare critical metrics across the business, including sales conversion, customer satisfaction and first contact resolution.

Finally, automated skill profile updates ensure that employees receive the work they are trained for, qualified in and competent to handle successfully. In short, directing employees with the right level of work reinforces what they have been trained for and learned. The end result is happier, more successful and more engaged employees.

Improve performance management for unmatched benefits

Improve employee engagement

Help employees reach their true potential by identifying clear, customized performance goals; and delivering robust training, coaching and ongoing performance management.

Seek the right skills for the right job

Understand which skills and attributes are the backbone of each job role and ensure that you hire and develop the right people for those roles.

Reduce employee churn

Help employees perform to the best of their abilities to increase motivation and engagement—significant drivers of employee satisfactionand tenure.

Increase speed to competency

Quickly and cost effectively ensure that new and existing employees are up to speed with current and relevant skills so they can deal with changing business priorities.

Deliver great customer experiences

Dramatically improve the quality of all interactions—in any channel. Reduce delays, transfers and repeat interactions to improve customer loyalty and advocacy.

Increase revenue

Identify the drivers of successful sales conversations and replicate best practice across frontline employees, giving them the skills to perform better.

Reduce operational costs

Recruit the right person for the right job and deliver targeted training that focuses on needs identified to control costs.

Keep track of it all

Correlate and update information from different sources to maintain a consistent view of operational and employee performance.

Better employee performance for better business results

The days of an expensive, one-size-fits-all approach to performance management are over. Now it’s about creating effective, personalized approaches to develop skills and knowledge—and finding the right balance between employee and organization needs. With Genesys Performance DNA, this becomes a reality.

Genesys Performance DNA customers have achieved benefits including:

  • Reduced time to market to support a product launch—from three weeks down to five days
  • 86% reduction in scheduling time for classroom training and 79% reduction in time for eLearning
  • Average of 11% customer satisfaction improvement
  • 14% reduction in average handle time (AHT)
  • 50% of agents increased sales conversions by over 5% for a global mobile operator
  • 10% reduction in repeat calls, equaling $5 million in annual savings
  • More than 20% improvement in employee engagement across all surveyed client workforces

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