Motivate employees with gamification

Inspire and engage your team with an integrated call center gamification platform

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Tap into employees’ natural motivation with gamification

Competition is a natural motivator. But it’s not the only thing that can improve employee performance. Humans also thrive on collaboration, achievement and recognition. Gamification in the workplace transforms the day-to-day employee experience by leveraging these factors.

The evolving world of remote work is inspiring a new type of management. It’s time to rethink how you manage employee performance and KPIs. No matter where your workers are located, a productive and engaged team improves operations.

Gamification appeals to your employees’ natural desire to compete. It lets you engage your team members in new ways. Transform daily activities with game mechanics, social media concepts and machine learning.


Inspire your teams to perform better

Learn more with artificial intelligence (AI)

Gain better insights using a gamification platform powered by AI. Machine learning detects and acts on behavioral trends. See how your best agents perform and challenge others to match them. This fuels agent performance and boosts team results.

Make work fun for employees

Motivate employees with a fun and interactive environment. Gamification in the workplace encourages users to manage their KPIs. It lets them drive their development and connect with their peers to boost results.

Use your data to plan ahead

Use in-depth analytics on your data to drive business decisions. Gain agent-level insights to build dynamic employee goals. Use dashboards to let agents follow their progress in real time. As a bonus, track trends to avoid potential workforce attrition risks.

Bring game elements to the real world

Give users a new perspective on meeting KPIs. Genesys lets you enhance visibility into daily objectives and empower employees to self-manage. Plus, you can can set up team challenges to engage other agents.

Gamification focuses on intrinsic motivations, which don’t depend on a reward or deadline. Its capabilities focus on how agents behave and how to work with those behaviors. And it’s intuitive and easy to use.

Simplify performance management

Use our unique point system to score employee performance, attrition, participation and more. Give contact center managers access to in-depth analytics and dedicated dashboards. Use views designed to track, engage and inspire agents to perform better.

Level up your KPIs

Make work fun for your employees. Use game design dynamics to encourage agents to improve their own performance. Help each employee reach their full potential through personal development and strategic goals.

Let employees reach new heights

Make employee engagement central to your workforce strategy. Set up contests and challenges to drive better performance and higher scores. Award points, badges and more to show off agent achievements and promote teamwork.

Encourage friendly competition

Use the power of competition to improve employee engagement. Encourage employees to compete with one another in call center games and challenges. Use gamification strategies for both short- and long-term goals. See increasing engagement span from individual shifts to annual performance.

Transform the contact center employee experience

Social media engagement

Make it interactive. Use social media to communicate with individuals and across organizations. Give employees visibility into their performances. Allow them to drive their improvement as individual and team players.

Quizzes, contests and challenges

Harness employees’ natural desire for competition to improve user engagement and day-to-day learning. Leverage quizzes, challenges and contests to complement training and drive performance results. Allow managers and employees to set daily challenges.

Points, badges and leaderboards

Set custom or standard metrics for agent performance. Watch as data becomes visible on shared leaderboards. Allow agents to earn points, badges and recognition. Then let them cash in those earnings to change their avatars or interfaces — and even to earn prizes.

Manager dashboards

Ditch the grunt work of reporting and data aggregation. AI-powered tools clean up your data and put it into usable dashboards. This lets managers track individual and team performances in real time. It also frees them to train or correct agents, as needed.

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